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The Director of ‘Inside Out’ was inspired by his own daughter to create the protagonist.

Pete Docter said he reflected a lot on his daughter’s anxieties and insecurities during puberty to develop the character.

Also responsible for the 2 films in the franchise and also for “UP” .

Among the films released in theaters recently, “Inside Out 2” is already considered a huge success.

Produced by  Disney Pixar , the new film has already grossed over $1 billion at the global box office, becoming the highest-grossing film of the year to date. The sequel has won over both adults and children, sparking discussions on social media about maturity and mental health. Many scenes have gone viral, with viewers identifying with the emotions of protagonist Riley Andersen.

Released in 2015, the first “Inside Out” film told the story of an 11-year-old girl who moves to San Francisco with her parents and faces the challenges of this transition. Accompanied by her five emotions — Joy, Sadness, Fear , Anger and Disgust — Riley navigates the complexities of her new life. Now, nine years later, the sequel shows Riley as a 13-year- old girl , dealing with the typical dilemmas of this period , such as the beginning of high school, friendships and hormonal changes.

In addition to the original emotions,  “Inside Out 2”  introduces new emotions: Impatience , Envy, Shame and Boredom, with a brief appearance by Nostalgia.

Although she is an animated character, Riley is inspired by a real person: Elie Docter, daughter of Pete Docter, one of the creators of “Inside Out” and director of the first film.

Em entrevista ao jornal americano The Washington Post, o roteirista contou que observou de perto as mudanças e desafios que sua filha passou ao entrar na puberdade. Ao refletir sobre a dificuldade dessa período da vida, Docter decidiu trazer elementos dessa experiência para o cinema.

“Watching my daughter [grow up] made me a little sad. As a father, I would play and do some of this ‘make believe.’ And that was going away. That was a big part of the movie.”

In addition to expressing some of Elie’s anxieties in the character Riley, Pete Docter also shared some of his own questions and insecurities in the character of his father, Bill Andersen.

He explained that many of the problems his daughter faced during puberty , especially in the school environment , might seem small and not urgently stressful. However, for the young girl, they were clear signs of fear , impatience and concerns about situations that are beyond human control.

“I have this test tomorrow and I’m not prepared,” was one of the things Elie said to her father when she was worried about her school assessments.

Elie Docter is currently 25 years old. Still young , she not only inspired the generation of the protagonist of “Inside Out”, but also participated in one of Disney Pixar ‘s most iconic films  , “Up”. In the animation, she gave voice to the young version of Ellie, Carl’s great love .

In the first “Inside Out,” Pete Docter worked as a screenwriter and director, alongside Ronnie del Carmen. In this new production, Kelsey Mann, who has experience at Pixar, makes her directorial debut . Pete Docter, the father in the story, also lends his voice to the emotion Anger of Mr. Andersen, Riley’s father.

Historic box office record

In its first weekend of release , the  Pixar production  grossed US$140 million outside the United States and became the biggest opening weekend in the history of animation in the world market. The figure beat  Frozen 2 , which in 2019 reached US$135 million in its first week of release.

The animation also did very well in the United States and became the biggest box office opening for a film since ” Barbie”  last year . With US$ 155 million accumulated in the country, the film is only behind The Incredibles 2″  among Pixar productions, which in 2018 reached US$ 182 million.

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