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Madonna’s Tribute to her Family.

Madonna  talks about getting closer to her children and pays tribute to her mother.

Four of Madonna’s six children participated in “The Celebration” tour.

Pop Star, Madonna, at 65 years old, published on her Instagram, this Sunday (12/05), On Mother’s Day, a text talking about her relationship with her mother, whose name is also called Madonna, and about her closeness he had with his children during “The Celebration” tour.

“I stood on stage for 81 performances, looking at my mother’s beautiful face and imagining what she must have been thinking as she waved to me from the hospital window”, the artist began the text, showing an image in which she is on stage looking at a photo of his mother on the screen. Madonna, the Pop Star’s mother, passed away from cancer when the artist was five years old.

Four of the singer’s six children participated in the performances on her last tour. Mercy James and David Banda, both 18, and twins Stella and Estere, 11, made appearances on stage. Madonna also has children Lourdes, 27, and Rocco, 23.

“I got a lot closer to my children on this tour. We cling to each other. In the long hours we worked and fought. They helped me manifest my dreams. In chaos and storms, in monotony and repetition, in sleepless nights and in endless tidying and messing up.”

Madonna talks about the sacrifices of motherhood.

She continued in her text: “All the sacrifices. We did it together. So many hours of sweat and tears. Grateful for the privilege of bringing people together with music, but also just wanting to sleep.”

Madonna commented that, for her, motherhood is suffering, but she has no regrets. The singer adopted her four youngest children in Malawi, an African country. “There is no easy way to get into the motherhood game. No manual or university. Just trial and error, learning and succeeding and then failing again. Finally, I understood that they were creating me and not the other way around.”

Source: CNN

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