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House of the Dragon: Episodes from the 2nd season of the series. Where to watch?

The first incident in the series alone was seen by 7.8 million people in the United States.

House of the Dragon: see the release calendar (Max/ HBO/ House of the Dragon/Disclosure)

With a first dark  incident , the series “House of the Dragon”  returned with its second season to the  Max  (formerly HBO Max) catalog last Sunday, the 16th. In addition to portraying  Rhaenyra  ‘s (Emma D’Arcy) mourning over death of its fruit , Lucerys (Elliot Grihault), the chapter also showed the death of Jaeherys, fruit of Haelena (Phia Saban) and King Aegon II (Tom Glynn-Carney).

The second year of House of the Dragon throws Westeros into the so-called ” Dance of the Dragons ,” the war that decimated the dragons of Targaryen manor ,  200 years before the events of  Game of Thrones  . This new release will divide the public between the Greens, led by Alicent Hightower (Olívia Cooke) and her offspring , who is vying for the Iron Throne, Aegon II Targaryen, and the Blacks, led by  Rhaenyra Tagaryen .

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The first incident in the series alone was seen by 7.8 million people in the United States. In Latin America, the spread was more than 30% of audience, compared to the first incident of the first season.

See the House of the Dragon episode calendar.

  • Incident 1  – June 16;
  • Incident 2  – June 23;
  • Incident 3  – June 30;
  • Incident 4  – 7 July;
  • Incident 5  – July 14;
  • Incident 6  – July 21;’
  • Incident 7  – July 28;
  • Incident 8 (final)  – August 4th

Who is part of the cast of House of the Dragon?

The series’ cast also includes Matt Daemon, Emma D’arcy, Olivia Cooke, Ewan Mitchell, Tom Glynn-Carney, among others.

Where to watch the first season of House of the Dragon?

All episodes are available on Max streaming.

All episodes of the series’ eight seasons are available on Max streaming.

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