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Nvidia hires: with salaries up to $414.

Nvidia ‘s growth   is making the company the “darling” of Silicon Valley, not only among investors but also among employees. The company has the most coveted vacancies for those looking for a job in the technology area, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Nvidia hires: with salaries up to $414.
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Technology talents aim to join the company due to its strategic position in supplying chips to power artificial intelligence systems. And the salary packages are encouraging. Half of the 30,000 employees earned more than US$228,000 throughout 2023, according to the newspaper.

“They’re like Facebook in 2014,” said Tom Case, who runs Atticus Growth Partners, a recruiting firm that searches for candidates for several of Nvidia’s competitors. The company has 1,800 vacancies open, with emphasis on engineering positions in areas such as AI storage, deep learning and behavior planning for autonomous vehicles.

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Base pay ranges from US$144,000 to US$414,000 annually. But getting through the selection process is not easy. Many vacancies have a doctorate as a prerequisite, and the company requires that some candidates know several programming languages. According to Nvidia, candidates must be interested in “contributing to an agile environment and creating a platform for others to do their life’s work.”

‘Startup culture’

Nvidia’s jobs are also eye-catching for their benefits. The Silicon Valley headquarters has a bar and employees have two “off days” every quarter, when the entire team has the same amount of time off to recharge. That was the holidays.

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According to Debparna Pratiher, who worked in product management at Nvidia for two years, the company follows an intense startup culture.

— She attracts the kind of people who are humble, but also who are almost like rats in a maze. (…) It’s like running around looking for cheese, looking for the next project, looking for the next way to take a leap.

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