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Americans trust the TikTok Social Network more for news than other networks, says research.


The platform has 1 billion users worldwide, 170 million of which are in the USA alone.

The application, which has 170 million users in the USA, is at risk of being banned in the country. 

While the debate over whether  TikTok  will continue to operate in the country continues to cause heated discussions – President  Joe Biden  approved a law that forces the app to change ownership , today it is the Chinese  ByteDance, or simply to move out of the country -, the North Americans don’t seem to care much about platform when it comes to politics.

According to a Pew Research Center study done in March, the feeling among Americans was that TikTok was less likely to influence the way they saw the news, whether through algorithmic recommendations or content moderation , at a conference with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram  and X. 10 thousand people were interviewed for the research, published this week by Business Insider.

By the numbers, 61% of US adults said they felt TikTok was influencing the news they were shown, while 74% said the same about Facebook, 72% for Instagram and 66% for X.

Respondents who said they consume news also tend to be less concerned about the accuracy of the information they find on TikTok compared to other applications. 71% reported seeing inaccurate news on TikTok “sometimes” or “or quite often”, compared to 76% on Instagram, 84% on Facebook and 86% on X.

Surveys and Interviewees.

Consistent with Pew research, 25% of X users said that getting news was a “top” reason for using the platform, and 15% of TikTok users also reported that getting news was a “top” reason for being on the platform. network.

Among those interviewed who consumed news on TikTok, 67% said that the information came from journalists and news outlets , compared with 68% from influencers or celebrities and 84% from “other people they don’t know personally”.

At the same time, TikTok is also making users less “worn out” by the amount of news they see on the platform compared to other applications. 47% of Pew respondents said they felt burned out by news on TikTok “sometimes” or “quite often,” compared with 70% for news on Facebook, 64% for news on X and 64% for news on Instagram.

TikTok rapidly grew its U.S. audience between 2018 and 2022 after merging with lip-syncing app Musician.ly and offering a never-ending stream of short videos centered on music, dance, comedy, and other areas of entertainment and media.

Today, TikTok has 1 billion users worldwide, 170 million of which are in the US alone.



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