Manchester City – 1-0 Chelsea. Victory to forget elimination from the Champions League.


Bernardo missed the penalty against Real, but now he sent the team to the final! 

She was tired, coming from extra time, penalties and suspension from  Real Madrid  , missing  Haaland  , showing defensive imbalance and gaps in time. She accepted the phases, she was lucky, she didn’t “pay” for her naivety. And as  Chelsea  didn’t “kill”  Manchester City , Pep Guardiola  ‘s team   did so in the final. “Golden” scorer in the  85th  minute  Bernardo Silva  , City will play again at  Wembley  in the  FA Cup final .

We wrote them a few hours ago. A victory over  Chelsea  at  Wembley  will not be an easy task  . Mauricio Pochettino ‘s team   is better, in proportion to the game they have to manage. The more pressure she undergoes, the better she copes and shows her improvement.

The aforementioned element was noticed again. Chelsea were determined to give everything they had and didn’t have against the “citizens” to play in the second final in a matter of days, and  Manchester City  will have to manage their fatigue. It came from extra time, penalties and Real Madrid’s disqualification, there wasn’t even  Erling Haaland  in the squad.

Celebrating a great qualification to the FA Cup final.

She was the favorite, with all the odds against her. And in the end, despite adverse conditions and without performing particularly well, she celebrated a great qualification to the  FA Cup final  . But how did we reach the final 1-0, with  Bernardo Silva  as the scorer?

The Londoners entered the match in excellent fashion, closing spaces, taking advantage of  Palmer ‘s chance  at the end of the quarter, and had the best moments until the end of the first half.

Jackson  wasted a good chance in the 37th minute when he missed  Ortega  , and  Palmer  found his moment in the 37th  minute  , with the City  goalkeeper   saying no.

Pep Guardiola ‘s team   finished the first half without conceding a final shot and almost got back on the scoreboard at the start of the restart, but Jackson missed again from close range.

Thus, she was not “punished” for her poor suspension role, threatened  De Bruyne  and  Foden  and was “redeemed” in the 85th  minute  . It’s exactly twenty minutes, after the blues’ protests over a penalty, awarded to Grillis, following a foul by Palmer.

Thus, in the 85th minute, it was  Bernardo Silva  who shaped the final result. He scored from close range, making it 1-0 and celebrating furiously with his teammates, in front of the “blue” stands. Great qualification for the “citizens”, they will play again at  Wembley  , aiming for the second  consecutive FA Cup  and the 8th  overall  in their history!

Fonte: bnsports