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Health and Well-being – it is very important to drink water.

The importance of water and how it affects our dally lives. Dr. Katia Haranaka highlights that water consupmption can change eating habits and brings several benefits.

  • Water intake is discussed as an important topic.
  • Dr. Kátia mentions that she frequently talks about water intake on the program.

Water Intake and Cellular Nutrition

Dr. Kátia explains how dehydration can lead to cellular malnutrition and the connection between hunger and thirst signals in the brain.

Importance of hydration for brain function

Dr. Kátia highlights the importance of hydration for brain function and energy production in cells.

  • Hydration is described as a simple but important daily practice.
  • Dehydration is identified as the main cause of cellular malnutrition.
  • The connection between hunger and thirst signals in the brain is explained.

Water Composition and Energy Production

Dr. Kátia explains how the composition of water and electrolytes play a crucial role in energy production within cells.

  • Drinking water regularly helps cool your brain and provide energy to your cells.
  • Cells are made up of approximately 88% water, which helps in the production of energy.

Recommended water intake

Dr. Kátia recommends drinking at least one glass of water (300-400ml) every hour, aiming for a minimum of 6 liters per day until the beginning of the evening.

  • It is recommended to drink a glass of water (300-400ml) every hour.
  • The minimum recommended daily intake is 6 liters of water.
  • Dr. Kátia personally intends to drink 6 liters of water by the beginning of the night.

Water intake and skin health

Dr. Kátia explains the connection between hydration and skin health, especially in the eye area.

  • The connection between hydration and skin health is discussed.
  • Dehydration can cause wrinkles and dry skin

The negative effects of phosphorus in daily life

The negative effects of phosphorus in our daily lives and its impact on calcium absorption.

Phosphorus competes with calcium

  • Phosphorus, found in certain substances such as soft drinks, can compete with calcium for absorption by bones.
  • Calcium is stronger and has more priority in entering the bones compared to phosphorus.
  • Excessive phosphorus intake can cause problems such as calcification and heart problems.

Importance of drinking natural water

  • It is recommended to drink natural water instead of drinks containing phosphorus.
  • The speaker suggests drinking at least 3 liters of water by 7pm to reach your hydration goals.
  • Not drinking enough water before bed can cause dehydration and affect bladder function, causing sleep disturbances.

Sleep deprivation and weight gain

  • Disrupting the body’s routine by not getting enough sleep can have negative effects on the body’s overall regeneration.
  • Lack of sleep can result in weight gain due to hormonal imbalances and increased visceral fat accumulation.

Essential oils and water filters

  • Essential oils are absorbed more quickly by inhalation than by ingestion or topical application.
  • Snorting essential oils through the nose allows for faster absorption by glands such as the pineal gland and pituitary gland.

Secnidazole as a dewormer

  • Secnidazole is a dewormer recommended to be taken every six months during the full moon phase.
  • Despite thinking otherwise, many people have worms in their organs, which makes dewormers beneficial for overall health.

Importance of water filters

  • Using water filters, preferably with a pH level of 7 or higher, can improve the quality of drinking water.
  • Ionized alkaline water has better absorption and cellular retention compared to regular water.

Who is Dr. Kátia Haranaka?

Dr. Katia Haranaka (CRM 76611/SP), has medical training and specialization in plastic surgery from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas in 1996.

Responsible for the “Katia Haranaka Integrated Center for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, which currently has +32 thousand registered patients.
Postgraduate in Medical Neuroendocrinology with Dr. Lair Ribeiro in 2019, but together, for 15 years, they share the same ideal: “obtain results through changing your diet”.

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