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See the 3 Trends in the Gucci Resort Collection.

Sabato De Sarno Apresenta o Primeiro Desfile Cruise da Grife, Com Detalhes que Remetem aos Anos 1970.

No dia 13 de maio, Sabato De Sarno, diretor criativo da Gucci, lançou a coleção resort da renomada grife italiana em Londres, no Reino Unificado.

A seleção do lugar, o lendário Museu de Arte Moderna Tate Modern, foi meticulosamente calculada para sublinhar o concepção da coleção, que celebra a sinergia entre o legado do pretérito e as inovações do presente, mergulhando numa fascinante fusão de dualidades.

At the event, the iconic Debbie Harry from the Blondie orchestra , present in the front row of the fashion show, gave a glimpse of what was to come on the catwalk: the brand’s new boho chic vibe, inspired by the song “Heart of Glass” by the North American group that marked the 1970s. The looks showcased trends such as suede, transparency, bows and classic shoes with a rich history in fashion .

Featured Suede: 

Suede shone brightly at Sabato De Sarno’s debut in Gucci’s cruise 2025 collection, dominating not only the clothes but also the accessories. Originating from the treated skin of animals such as the mountain goat, found in the Swiss Alps, this luxurious material was applied in a super-abundant way by the designer, from head to toe.

Totally monochromatic looks, including bags, shoes and accessories, received the sophisticated touch of suede. The designer bets on this fabric not only because of its durability and practicality, but also because it is a trend that will certainly captivate the TikTok generation, combining style and versatility in an irresistible way.

Photo: Courtesy Gucci

Transparency and Bonds: 

Since the beginning of 2023, transparency has been a star on the catwalks, and Gucci’s new collection was no different . Those who think that showing a little more skin is vulgar are mistaken.

Sabato de Sarno presented this trend in a sophisticated and refined way, leaving aside any exaggerated sensual connotations. For Gucci, transparency is a phrase of lightness and style, something to have fun without worry.

Photo: Courtesy Gucci

Moccasins, Socks and Sneakers: 

Sabato chose moccasins with socks and sneakers as this season’s favorites. This fashion trend masterfully moves between comfort and style. Previously considered more casual, these shoes now occupy a prominent place in fashion , integrating modern and sophisticated looks, but always maintaining that necessary comfort ration .

The sock moccasin, for example, comes to life in urban and relaxed looks. This mix of a classic with the informality of sock brings an extra dash of personality to our creative director’s creations.

Photo: Courtesy Gucci

On the Gucci catwalk, trends celebrate comfort without sacrificing elegance. Light and fluid fabrics, wide cuts and stunning footwear are the pillars that illuminate each piece on the runway. The bold mix of vibrant colors and sober tones revives the core of the 1970s, reinventing it for today.

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