Floods in Afghanistan killed at least 153 people.


Nourish World Program says the number of victims in Afghanistan was even higher.

Afghanistan mourns dead! According to Reuters , the official death toll from devastating floods in northern Afghanistan has risen to 153 people in three provinces. The branch is based on information released by the Taliban Ministry of Internal Affairs this Saturday (11/05). The World Development Program states that the number of victims was double that.

WFP, which operates across Afghanistan, said on the social network X ( old Twitter) that the floods killed more than 300 people. However, according to Reuters, the Program did not provide a nativity for his figure.

When asked about the WFP figure, a ministry spokesperson said the number was still 153 – but authorities said the death toll could rise.

At least 138 people were also injured in flooding in northern Baghlan, Takhar and Badakhshan caused by heavy rains on Friday, ministry spokesman Abdul Mateen Qaniee said.
In the town of Karkar in Baghlan province, residents held funerals for people who died in the floods.

“I lost five members of my family – two sons, two daughters and their mother, as a result of this devastating flood,” said Gulbudeen, a mourner who gave only a name.

“We were on the other side of the flood, but we couldn’t help them, and eventually the flood took the lives of our loved ones.”

Reports of injuries in Afghanistan

Taliban authorities sent helicopters to try to help civilians overnight after receiving reports that more than 100 people were stranded.

Many people were left homeless and transport, rain and sewage systems were “severely disrupted”, the World Health Organization said.

“The impact was profound, leading to loss of life and injuries, with many people still missing,” the WHO office in Afghanistan said in a broadcast on Friday night.

He added that four health centers were damaged and one destroyed by the floods and said the branch was sending health teams to provide treatment in the flooded areas.

Source: CNN