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Brazil: 3 destinations for rural tourism in the interior of São Paulo.

Experience in the region includes gastronomy, trails, waterfalls and lots of country culture.

Rural tourism is increasingly practiced and encouraged in the interior of Brazil. And in São Paulo it is no different. Little by little, the interior of São Paulo is gaining new routes with farms, farms and spaces being opened to the public. This is the case of the Rota Em Cantos do Interior Paulista, which integrates the cities of Anhembi, São Manuel and São Pedro, around 200 kilometers from São Paulo.

The itinerary is in the consolidation phase and is one of the results of the Impulso Empreendedor project, which aims to promote the tourism production chain in the municipalities. In the region, there are attractions of nature, adventure, rural, religious tourism and much more. To see the complete route, it is worth setting aside at least three days of travel.

1. Anhembi

The Festa do Divino de Anhembi, with more than 150 years of  history ,  is a unique celebration that keeps the tradition of the Brotherhood of the Divine alive. Annually, devotees undertake a 9-day pilgrimage, traveling from house to house with the flag of the Divine and singing traditional songs. The use of barges to cross the Tietê River and the white clothing symbolize the mission accomplished.

But the climax of the party takes place in the procession, culminating in the exciting Meeting of the Canoes. With fireworks and the procession of the Amortalhados, the festival is a moment of deep devotion, in which devotees express faith and gratitude at the feet of the Divine.

A walk along the river at Anhembi Camping

To get to know a little more about the city’s natural landscapes, Anhembi Camping is a refuge designed to provide leisure, safety and comfort for local families and visitors. Strategically located in an extensive green area on the banks of the Barra Bonita dam, the campsite is an ideal destination for fishing and water sports enthusiasts.

With a complete structure, it offers options for spending the day,  camping with tents  or staying in the mini chalet. In addition to a swimming pool, the site offers a restaurant and barbecue facilities for moments of
relaxation. Visitors can also explore the beauty of the surroundings through boat trips along the dammed Tietê River, where the preserved nature reveals the presence of birds such as tuiuius, swamp herons and wild ducks.

Laticínios Sítio Água Fria offers a rural and gastronomic tourism experience. The place specializes in the artisanal production of award-winning cheeses, dulce de leche, yogurt and other derivatives. And it combines artisanal care with modern technologies to ensure excellence in its products.

To learn about the production and enjoy a tasting, you need to make an appointment in advance. The tour passes through places on the site such as the laboratory where animal reproduction takes place and the pastures where cows rest and small calves roam peacefully. Children and adults from the
“big city” are sure to be enchanted ! When it comes to tasting local flavors, cheeses such as coalho, remanso, nascente and minas frescal stand out.

2. São Manuel

To truly enjoy a rural tourism experience, visitors to São Manuel can visit  Fazenda  Morro Azul. The place is the setting for themed camping activities, such as astro tourism. In the structure, in addition to the camping and support base with power points, kitchen and bathrooms with hot shower, the farm has waterfalls and caves ideal for trails. Not surprisingly, one of its main attractions is the guided aquatrekking tours and moderate-level hikes.

Space for your dream wedding

Estancia Marina de São Francisco is the ideal setting for weddings in São Manuel, providing a unique celebration experience amidst nature. The farm has an accommodation superstructure, where the bride and groom and their guests can enjoy before and after the ceremony.

Furthermore, the resort’s facilities include a cinema room, swimming pool, sauna and football pitch, among others. The resort also offers a chapel and a ballroom, ideal for ceremonies and receptions. And, in addition to events, the place accepts group accommodation by appointment.

Gastronomy at Pesqueiro Recanto Dourado

Fishing is a major attraction in this region, especially for locals. And at Pesqueiro Recanto Dourado, families gather to  enjoy the scenery  and practice the activity. Furthermore, the place has a charming restaurant that offers delicious meals and snacks. It is worth trying some of the fish served, such as tilapia and painted fish.

Taking a little piece of the city home

The Paulo Turchiari Ceramics Atelier stands out in São Manuel, especially for art and craft lovers. Specialized in the production of exclusive ceramic pieces, the artist began his production as a hobby and today presents a rich diversity of pieces with functionalities, colors and techniques. In other words, the visit is the ideal opportunity to purchase a local souvenir, taking home a unique and authentic piece.

3. Saint Peter

São Pedro, 154 kilometers from the capital, is the third municipality on the route. The place is the perfect refuge for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. This is mainly because the city is famous for its stunning landscapes and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and enthusiasts of a beautiful sunset.

A walk through the city’s parks

One of the most popular places is Parque do Cristo, at the top of the mountain, where visitors gather at the feet of an imposing  image of Christ.  Nearby is Marcelo Golinelli Park, with its panoramic decks, kiosks and hiking trails. Another unmissable attraction is Maria Angélica Manfrinato Park, which stands out with its central lake, pedal boats and rest areas in the shade of trees.

Charms of the historic center

The city’s historic center enchants visitors with its peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, evoking a feeling of being in a distant and serene place. Furthermore, the city offers a rich cultural and historical experience, with emphasis on the Arts and Crafts Fair, embroidery and trousseau stores, and the Gustavo Teixeira Museum, a true treasure of local history. The resort is also renowned for its water parks, ranked among the most famous in Latin America, promising unforgettable fun and leisure.

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