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UEFA, new system with bonus points in the three competitions.

UEFA has announced changes to bonus points across its three competitions. Which teams win in the qualifiers and which in the finals.

With the change in UEFA data in its three main competitions, the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League, there was an obligation to change the system for awarding bonus points to the clubs that participate in them. The basic principle does not change, but the additions of the league stage to the three competitions cause significant differences compared to what was in force until now.

A win still gives 2,000 points and a draw 1,000, except in the qualifiers where the benefit is halved in both cases. Points are for the end of matches that end in 90 or 120 minutes, but not in those where the winner is determined by a penalty shootout. In this case, the match is considered a draw.

Changes to the league stage

The reformulation of the three competitions and the replacement of the group stage with a league stage with 36 teams also lead to changes in the final classification bonuses.

Teams placed from 1st to 24th place will receive bonus points, depending on their position. Teams that finish in 25th to 36th place and do not advance to the knockout stages, in the Champions League earn 6,000 points and in the other two competitions do not receive a bonus

Champions League teams start collecting from 12 thousand points and go up to 6 thousand, in the Europa League the range is from 6 thousand to 0.250 points and in the Conference League from 4 thousand to 0.125.

It should be noted that for the sake of facilitating procedures, Europa League teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3,000 points in the championship phase, even if they are not won on the field, but at the end of the season they are not taken or added to the country’s classification. . Likewise, the Conference League minimum is 2,500 points.

In the Conference League, teams eliminated in the 1st round earn 1,000 points, in the 2nd round they earn 1,500 points, in the 3rd round they earn 2,000 points and in the Playoffs they earn 2,500 points.

Finally, after the championship phase, teams that reach the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the Champions League earn 1,500 points. The respective qualifications in the Europa League are awarded with 1,000 points and in the Conference League with 0,500 points.


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