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The UN climate leader: “we have 2 years to save the planet”.

According to the UN  climate  leader , we have up to two years to take action.

He called on governments, businesses and banks to do more to prevent   dangerous climate change . It is vital to reduce emissions by up to 50% by 2030 to stop warming above 1.5°C.

However, emissions only increased in 2023, reaching alarming levels. Current actions are not enough to reduce emissions in 2030.

Main Conclusions.

  • The next two years are crucial to implementing effective measures against climate change.
  • There is a pressing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially among the G20 countries that are responsible for the largest  segment of global emissions.
  • Governments, business leaders and development banks need to act quickly to prevent even more serious climate change.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 is essential to limit global warming to 1.5°C.
  •  UN climate conferences  and environmental goals must be prioritized on political agendas during this critical period.

Urgency for climate action according to UN superintendent .

Simon Stiell, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said the next two years are crucial. He said we can cut emissions, but we need stronger national climate plans now.

CO2 emissions at record levels.

Stiell highlighted the prestige of the world’s 20 main economic powers. They are responsible for 80% of emissions, asking them to urgently meet reduction targets. Energy -related CO2 emissions peaked in 2023. This threatens efforts to combat the  climate crisis .

Urgent need for stronger climate plans.

To face this duel , Stiell said we need stronger national climate plans. This will help countries take serious steps to switch to clean energy. Such plans will bring new jobs and economic benefits. They will also improve nutritional security , health, and the fight against poverty .

Challenges in the UN climate negotiations.

The main objective of the   2024 UN climate talks in Baku, Azerbaijan, is to achieve a new agreement . This agreement would be to establish a climate financing target   that supports developing countries. They need help transitioning away from fossil fuels and tackling  climate change .

Simon Stiell , of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said he wants to see future  UN climate conference (COP) meetings  smaller. At the same time, he wants them to achieve positive results in negotiations.

New target for climate financing.

Climate finance is  essential to  help developing countries. They are fighting to shift to a lower  carbon economy . At the upcoming  UN climate conference in Baku, it is important to set a new and bold funding target.

Reducing the size of climate domes.

Stiell argues that the next  UN climate conferences (COP)  should be smaller. However, they need to focus on achieving results in negotiations. This strategy can improve the effectiveness and effectiveness of approaches to tackling the  climate crisis .

Climate, UN, Save, Planet.

Simon Stiell leads the UN Framework Convention   on  Climate Change . He calls for more  climate funding  for developing countries. This will help them combat  climate change . Stiell also calls for these countries’ debt to be reduced. He wants  more obtainable financing  and suggests a new type of  financing : taxing emissions from maritime transport.

Reforms at the World Bank and IMF.

Additionally, he highlights the urgency of  reforms at the World Bank and the IMF . To support sustainable development and   climate  action , these changes are essential.

They are fundamental to improving   international climate financing .

Climate action threatened by political agendas.

On the other hand, there is a warning that  climate action  may be sidelined by  political agendas . Politicians are less attentive to the  climate  to please voters. This shows the prestige of having political leaders committed to  protecting the planet . These leaders will be essential in combating  climate change .


The  UN  climate  superintendent  warns us: we only have  two years to save  Terreno . Our actions now are crucial. Carbon emissions are   too high. Our current plans are not enough to reduce emissions by 2030.

Rapid action against  global warming  is very urgent. You can’t ignore that. The next UN meeting on  climate change  will be extremely prestigious . They will discuss financial goals and changes to important institutions, such as the  World Bank .

However, the fight against the climate is little prioritized by some leaders. They prefer to please their voters. It is necessary for governments, companies and banks to come together. Together, we need to reduce  carbon emissions , get more climate money , and adopt policies that really make a difference.

Each of us has a vital role in this duel . We must act to protect our  planet . This way, we guarantee a better future  for everyone.

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