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The “show” is Portugal’s excellent qualification at “16”, with… a hat-trick against Turkey.

Spray, clean, done… That pretty much sums up Portugal’s impressive display against Turkey, with the typical visitors winning 3-0. Two goals in the first segment , an assist from Cristiano in the second and his country advances to the “16” of EURO 2024.

The   Turks  may have been convincing with their performance against   Georgia  , but in this case they faced   Portugal  . And that in itself says a lot, with  Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s team   at… another level.

They won with typical ease, 3-0, they had an excellent day from   Bernardo Silva,   while their “leader” did not score, but broke another record: he became the first in assists in the history of the   European Championships   with eight, and He led his country into the next season . But why did we arrive at this point? The score opened in the 21st minute, with   Bernardo Silva   receiving the ball superbly from the extension and sending it into the net with a beautiful shot !

Three minutes later,   Fernandes   shot wide, while in the 28th minute the   Portuguese ‘s second goal came  .   Cancelo   and   Ronaldo   didn’t communicate much and lost the sphere , but it ended up in   Akaidin  , who, without having seen where Altai is, turned towards him and accidentally sent it into the net for 2-0!

Last season ‘s remarkable first segment , a long- range shot by Kioktsu in the 41st minute, which didn’t bother the Portuguese goalkeeper  at all .

After a vertical pass behind the Turkish   defense , Cristiano Ronaldo   came out on top of the Turkish goalkeeper, with CR7 showing altruism and assisting   Bruno Fernandes who made it 3-0 with a penalty kick against the defenseless home team. Al Nasr’s   superstar     thus became the leading player in assists in Euro history).

Start of the match

2′ Ronaldo ‘s   first kick  , easily blocked by Altai.

4′  Fernandes  shot from outside the extension , the ball in the bodies.

 6′  Good moment for Turkey, the ball came from the right, but  Akturkoglou  … moved away in an attempt to send the ball into the net!

15′  Leão’s header was completely harmless, Altai took it easily.

21′ GOOOOOOL, 1-0 PORTUGAL WITH SILVA!  The Iberians opened the scoring, with the turn coming from the left and the Manchester City player scoring with a powerful shot from inside the extension !

24′  Nice kick from  Fernandes  in motion, the ball comes out.

25′ Yellow card for Bardaktsi.

29′ GOOOOL, 2-0 PORTUGAL WITH AKAIDIN’S OWN GOAL! Unthinkable mistake by the former Panathinaikos player, who, when trying to return the ball to Altai, sent it into his team’s net…

Another own goal in this year’s Euros…

 31′  Good moment for Turkey,  Akturkoglou  shot from the left and Costa saved it with his foot.

32′  Successive counterattacks to shots attempted by Turkey’s players.  35′  Fernandes kicked from the right, the ball went up .

37′  Ronaldo now tried to threaten, his shot from outside the extension went wide.

41′  Costa easily blocked the ball after Kioktsu ‘s  long range kick  .

 42′ Yellow card for Akaidin.

45′ Yellow card for Palínias.

One minute delays in the first segment .

End of the first segment , Turkey-Portugal 0-2 with a goal from Silva in the 21st minute and an own goal from Akaidin in the 28th minute!

Start of the second half

Neto against Leão and R. Neves against Palínia.

Yazichi instead of Kyokchu.

53′  Long range kick from  Yazitsi  , no problem for Costa, who blocked it.

56′ GOOOOOOL, 3-0 PORTUGAL WITH FERNANDES!  Ronaldo and Bruno faced off, with the Portuguese legend passing the ball to his compatriot and him scoring perhaps the easiest goal of his career !

Cristiano had the opportunity to score in the sixth continued Euro , but preferred to promise the goal with a pass.

59′ Yildiz instead of Akturkoglu and Yuksek instead of Ayhan.

63′ Yildiz’s long range kick misses.

67′ Yilmaz falls into extension , Zweier isn’t much moved.

69′ Semedo is not Cancelo’s place.

70′ Guler is not Akgiun’s place.

The last leg of the game is procedural in nature, with the Portuguese guaranteeing qualification for the knockout rounds as the first.

75′  It looks like Akaidin has injury problems.

Demiral took his place.

Five minutes long .

90 + 5′ Long range shot by R. Neves, ball goes wide.

End of the game, Turkey-Portugal 0-3!

First and best, the Portuguese secured passage to the knockout stages, with Turkey remaining in second place.

Turquia (modelos B.): Altai, Celik, Akaidin, Bardaksi, Kandioglu, Ayhan, Tsalhanoglu, Akgun, Kioktsu, Akturkoglu, Yilmaz

On the bench: Yildirim, Demiral, Çakır, Kaplan, Ozkan, Yazici, Tosun, Yukşek, Kiliksoy, Jokuslu, Guler, Yildiz, Muldur
Portugal (R. Martinez): Costa, Cancelo, Pepe, Diaz, Mendes, Fernandes, Palinha, Vitinia , B. Silva, Ronaldo, Leão
On the bench: Sá, Rui Patricio, Conceição, Ant. Silva, Nunes, Z. Neves, Dalot, Neto, Pereira, Ramos, Inácio, Semedo, Felix, R. Neves, Zota
Praised : Zweier (Germany)
Assistants: Loup, Achmiller (Germany)
4th: Gil Mantano (Spain)
VAR: Dankert (Germany

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