Rating 10  for the performance of striker  Vinicius Jr.

After  Real Madrid’s 2-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund in the  Champions League final , the Spanish newspaper  Marca  missed the point and gave  striker Vinicius Jr ‘s performance  a 10  .

The note is clearly an excess , since everyday life is always quite demanding in its analyses. However, the goal scored by the Brazilian shook up the editorial staff of the Madrid outlet.

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As he always does, Vinicius tried from start to finish . He bothered Dortmund’s defense in every way he could until he managed to shoot on goal and found the prize at 2-0. When he had the chance, he didn’t miss,” he wrote .

Also based in the Spanish capital, the newspaper  As  was another that showered “Malvadeza” with praise.

In everyday life , the Brazilian is “combining all the reasons” to win the  Golden Sphere  and be considered the best player in the world.

“Vini is an infinite player. He never gives up. There were  15  dribbling attempts, of which   he managed to complete 8 “, he observed.

“He did what he wanted with Ryerson and even with Hummels. When they closed him on either side, he went the other way,” he continued.

“Vinicius is the master of finals: he was the hero of Paris and the top scorer of London. He has reasons to be the  Golden Sphere “, he added.

Vinicius Jr. ends the season with 24 goals and 9 assists in 39 matches for Real Madrid, winning three titles: Champions League,  LALIGA  and  Spanish Super Cup .

This is the 15th  Merengue  victory in the history of the  Champions League . The biggest winner of the tournament, the team from the Spanish capital has not lost a final since 1981.

Dortmund, in turn, continues with one title and two defeats in decisions – both played at Wembley.