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Skillet Stuffed Potatoes, quick and simple.

How to make stuffed potatoes in the frying pan

We will teach you how to make a stuffed potato in a frying pan in a very easy and simple way and it is also possible to choose any type of filling for the potato.

Preparing the potatoes

  • Use 1 to 1.5 kg of potatoes for each pie.
  • Cook the potatoes with a clove of garlic.
  • Once cooked and peeled, mash the potatoes with a masher.
  • Season the potatoes with green chilli, salt, black pepper and oregano.

Pie assembly

  • Grease the frying pan with butter or oil.
  • Make a thin layer of mashed potatoes on the bottom and sides of the pan.
  • Choose the desired filling (example: ham, mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese).
  • Place the filling over the mashed potato layer.
  • Finish with another thin layer of puree on top of the filling.

Tips for assembling the pie

Some additional tips for assembling the pie in the skillet.

Choice of frying pan

  • You can use any type of frying pan, but an omelette pan or one that is the right size for the pie is recommended.

Grease the frying pan

  • Grease the frying pan with butter, margarine or oil.

Mashed potato layer

  • Make a thin layer of mashed potatoes on the bottom and sides of the pan.
  • Avoid making a very thick layer so that the pie does not become heavy.

Choice of filling

  • The filling can be varied, such as ham, mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese, shredded chicken, among others.
  • Use your creativity and choose the filling of your choice.

Final pie assembly

How to finish assembling the pie in the frying pan.

Adding cottage cheese and shredded chicken

  • Place a layer of cream cheese over the mashed potatoes.
  • Add the shredded chicken previously cooked with seasonings such as tomato, onion, paprika, salt and black pepper.

Finalization of assembly

  • Cover the filling with another thin layer of mashed potatoes.
  • Press lightly to ensure the ingredients are well coated.
  • Finish with thin slices of ham on top.

Conclusion and additional tips

Pie proofing

  • The ham used in the initial assembly serves to waterproof the pie, preventing liquids from the filling from leaking during baking.

Stuffing variations

  • In addition to the options mentioned, it is possible to use other types of filling, such as vegetables, bacon, sausage, among others.
  • Leave in the comments which filling you would use for this stuffed potato.

Finishing the pie

  • Cover the final layer of puree with thin slices of ham.
  • The pie is ready to be cooked in the pan until golden.

Remember to adjust the timestamps as needed.

Skillet Stuffed Potatoes, quick and simple.
Skillet Stuffed Potatoes, quick and simple.

Preparing the potato

  • The stuffed potato is known as “Xisto” in Belo Horizonte.
  • The basic process involves adding ham, mozzarella, cream cheese, shredded chicken, bacon and potato-based pepperoni.
  • Seedless chopped tomatoes and oregano are added for flavor.
  • The potato is covered with mozzarella and ham before being closed.

Tips for cooking potatoes

  • Cook the potato over medium heat for about 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Make sure the crust is formed before flipping the potato in the pan.
  • If necessary, flip the potato using a plate or another frying pan of the same size or larger.
  • After a few more minutes on the heat, turn again to ensure both sides are golden.

Final result

  • The stuffed potato is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

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