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Shopee, AliExpress and Shein: Face Problems in Brazil (Taxation).

Shopee, AliExpress and Shein: vote on taxation of international purchases is postponed in the Senate.

The Federalist Senate postponed this Tuesday (4) the vote on the project that creates the Green Mobility and Innovation Program (Movimentar), which promotes technologies for producing vehicles that emit less greenhouse gases.

The measure, already approved by the Chamber of Deputies last week, included an amendment that provides for a 20% tax on  international purchases of up to US$50, which covers large international retail companies that sell online, such as Shopee, AliExpress and Shein.

The rapporteur of the project with the  amendment on international purchases  in the Senate, Rodrigo Cunha (Podemos-AL), had announced, earlier, that he had excluded this taxation from the report, arguing that it was a “foreign” topic to the main content of the bill. . This decision contradicted the pact made between parliamentarians from the government base and the opposition that resulted in the approval of the project by the deputies.

The rapporteur withdraws yet another amendment, understand.

“The report was read now, practically at the last minute, the rapporteur has just withdrawn yet another amendment. It’s difficult to take on a theme like this, which was built to attract investments here. I already have the president’s commitment to veto a series of devices that are part of the withdrawal that Senator Rodrigo Cunha made.

Therefore, I think it is more pertinent, even if there is time”, stated the government leader in the Senate, Jaques Wagner (PT-BA), when asking for the extension. He was followed by other colleagues in plenary.

“The report was published when the senator was taking the stand, so we were not in a position to know the report. We were unable to know all the amendments presented. Therefore, the discussion today would, in my opinion, be somewhat biased”, reinforced the MDB leader, senator Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM).

In the same vein, senator Rogério Oceânico (PL-RN), leader of the opposition in the Senate, asked for more study time so that a consensus can be built around the  taxation of international purchases . “We are all going to look at the text that the rapporteur made us aware of now.

I, personally, would like to talk to the rapporteur afterwards, to check if any type of convergence with the government itself is likely, so that we can have a more robust text”, he stated.

By promptly complying with the request, the president of the  Senate , Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), stated that the text will be included in the plenary fee this Wednesday (5), resuming the discussion of the rapporteur’s proposal.

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