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Russia directly accuses the United States of what it called a “barbaric attack” carried out by Ukraine.

Russia accuses US government of “barbaric attack”.

Russia directly accused the United States for what it called a “barbaric attack” carried out by Ukraine against a beach north of Sevastopol, the main city in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Vladimir Putin in 2014.

To complete the escalation of tensions between Moscow and Washington in the context of the Ukrainian War, the Kremlin also confirmed this Monday (24) that Putin ordered a review of the Russian nuclear foundation , which will probably facilitate the task of weapons of this type.

Since the most critical moments of the Cold War, there has not been such a degraded climate among the countries that account for 90% of the world’s nuclear warheads. Recent Russian advances and Western authorization for Ukrainians to attack their neighbor’s soil with their weapons have raised the level of tension.

The action that took place this Sunday (23/06) is illustrative. At least 4 people died, 2 of them children, and 151 were injured in the attack, which took vacationers by surprise around noon (6am in Brasília), as videos on Russian social networks showed.

According to the local government , at least eight American ATACMS precision missiles were fired . The governor of Sevastopol said most of them were shot down, but the wreckage hit the beach packed with vacationers.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov called the action a “barbaric attack” and the foreign ministry summoned the American messenger . The ministry later said that the Ukrainian action not only used American weapons, but was also coordinated by information from US satellites and a Washington reconnaissance drone that was near the coast of Crimea.

“US involvement in the fighting, resulting in the deaths of peaceful Russians, cannot remain without consequences,” Peskov said.

Until now , it was known that the American intelligence dimension provided coordinates for Kiev, and Crimea has already been attacked by American and European missiles on other occasions . In effect, Washington prohibits Ukrainians from attacking internationally recognized Russian soil with the powerful ATACMS (English acronym for Troop Tactical Missile System ) , the weapons used on Sunday.

Russia has not yet directly accused the American government

But the Kremlin has never directly blamed Washington for an attack. The ATACMS task occurred during a larger action with Ukrainian drones, whose waves have been launched since Friday (21).

This morning alone, 70 aircraft were shot down over Crimea and the Black Sea, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense . For its part, Moscow carried out an intense attack over the weekend against the Ukrainian energy system, which today has less than half of its generation capacity.

On the ground, the Russians continue on the offensive, with slow advances in the east, south and north of the country, maintaining an initiative that they have not shown since the first year of the war. All of this helps explain the rise in tensions from side to side. This Monday, at least four people died in a missile attack in Pokrovsk (east).

On the nuclear issue, Peskov only confirmed that the Russian foundation is being reviewed. On Thursday (20), during a visit to Vietnam after signing a mutual protection pact with the atomic dictatorship of North Korea , Putin stated that such a measure would be necessary because his adversaries are introducing new tactical weapons.

They are warheads with a very insignificant destructive power , supposedly for use on the warfield . The so-called strategic bombs, in turn, are more powerful and aim to destroy large civil and industrial areas, seeking to end wars.

Such lower-power weapons were developed by the US during the Donald Trump administration (2017-21) to equip submarine-launched missiles. Since that time, there have been protests from Russia about the risk they pose, but the fact is that Moscow has 1,558 tactical weapons, while the US operates around 200.

Half of the American arsenal is operational, but it is stored in vaults at six bases in Europe. This is where NATO, the Western military association, takes the bait in the crisis : its director , the Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg, said in two recent interviews that it is possible to increase the number of weapons ready for use.

It was a response to Russian nuclear tactical bomb exercises , carried out in three stages along the country’s entire western border. These maneuvers, in turn, responded to authorizations for the use of Western weapons against targets in Russia and suggestions of sending troops to Kiev , as France did.

The current Russian nuclear foundation is from 2020, and foresees the use of warheads of this type only if Russia is attacked by similar weapons or if the State is at existential risk, even by conventional means.

In this sense, Putin insinuated apocalyptic airs in his speech in Vietnam. He said defeat in Ukraine would mean “the end of a thousand years of history of the Russian state.” “Isn’t it better to go all the way , ” he said.

At the same time, he made a bold statement by declaring that he would not promote the end of the rule of not fighting first with nuclear weapons. “In a retaliatory attack, the enemy is guaranteed to be destroyed,” he said.

According to a Russian military commentator close to the Kremlin, the most likely is that the revision of the rules will make situations of use of tactical weapons more evident and also allow for a greater reaction time, perhaps keeping squadrons of aircraft armed with them in readiness at all times, why in the Cold War.

Source : Folhapress

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