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Redistribution of unused vouchers – Beneficiaries, From September 4th.

Date and Time for ticket redistribution to begin

From Monday, September 4, at 12:00 midday, the redistribution of unused tickets for social-thermal tourism, excursions and theater applications will start, as introduced by the Ministry of Social Cohesion and Household and the Group of Welfare Advantages and Social Solidarity (OPEKA).

Beneficiaries for the redistribution of unused tickets for social, spa tourism-excursions and theater applications are:

  • All those thathave been drawn and didn’tobtain their tickets till 30/8/2023.
  • All those thatutilized to take partwithin the above applications and weren’t drawn.

The redistribution will likely beaccomplishedso as of precedence of attendance on the KEPs.

What beneficiaries ought totake note of

For the applications of social-thermal tourism and tour tourism, the order of choice and the primaryalternativewithin theutility for participation play an vitalposition.

  • Thus, if a beneficiary had the social tourism program as their first alternative, however was drawn within thetour tourism program and has not printed their card till 8/30/2023, they’re allowed to take partwithin the social tourism program on a precedencefoundation.
  • If a beneficiary had the spa tourism program as their first alternative and was not drawn in any tourism program or was drawn within the spa or social or tour tourism program and has not printed their ticket till 8/30/2023, they take part in order of precedencesolelywithin the spa tourism program.

Nevertheless, within theoccasion of exhaustion of the spa tourism tickets, he may alsobe capable oftake part in social tourism, even when and so long as he had chosen it in his participation utility.

  • Alternatively, if somebody declared the tour program as their first choicewithin the participation utility and was drawn in it, no matterwhether or not or not they printed their ticket, they can nottake part inprecedence order in another program, aside from that tour program.

To ensure that the beneficiaries to obtain the unused social-thermal tourism vouchers, they need to take the next actions:

A. Reservation of a room in a vacationerlodging from the checklist of contracted vacationerlodging posted on the OPEKA web site www.opeka.gr/agrotiki-estia/ilektronikes_ypiresies/, from which affirmation of the reservation (e.g. voucher) is requested.

B. From 09/04/2023, after 12:00, registration of knowledgeassociated to the reservation of the room (identify of lodging and interval of keep) within therelateddigitalutility, http://apps.ogaservices.gr/apps/index. php/proanaggelia, which is out there on the OPEKA web site www.opeka.gr from the beneficiaries themselves or by KEP.

C. Beneficiaries ought to, after registering the room reservation within the OPEKA on-lineutility, come to the KEP on the identical day (half an hour after registration), to gather their tickets. In any other case, beneficiaries will lose their tickets, which will likely beaccessibleonce more.

Beneficiaries obtain vouchers, through whichthe small print of the vacationerlodging, through which the reservation was made, are written.

Vouchers are solelylegitimate for the lodging whose particulars are pre-printed.

Bulletins that should not havethe small print of the enterprise pre-printed, when printed by the KEP, are thought-about invalid.

The vouchers are strictly private and is probably notutilized bydifferentindividuals, even whenthey’re members of the beneficiary’s household.

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