Racism suffered by Vini Jr. was of more interest than the star’s performance in the World Cup.

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According to Google Trends, searches for the attacker in Brazilian territory have increased since Vini became the target of racist insults.

Vinicius Júnior is currently the main player in Brazilian football. In addition to his plastic goals and plays for Real Madrid , the striker also became a great voice against racism in world football.

According to Google Trends data, interest in the Real and Brazilian team player has grown among Brazilians since Vini Jr. became a constant target of racist insults in Spain – the attacks began in 2021.

The star speaks openly about the issue, as he recently did in an interview with Seleção , and demands punishment from the authorities.

By way of comparison, the interest in Real’s number 7 shirt in the last World Cup, when there is a lot of demand for the topic in Brazil, is half as much as the searches in May of the following year, the biggest peak observed by Google Trends (see below) .

It was in May 2023 that Vini Jr. interrupted a match against Valencia, in the Spanish Championship, after part of the fans at the Mestalla stadium called him a ‘monkey’.

In that episode, Vini pulled referee Ricardo De Burgos Bengoetxea to report a specific fan in the stands. Players from both teams tried to calm the situation and the match resumed after eight minutes.

To date, no one has been held responsible in court for this episode, a fact that is repeated in other cases of racism against the Brazilian striker.

Vini Jr has already suffered more than 10 racist attacks in Spain. Since the 2021/22 season, La Liga has already made more than 15 complaints to the competent bodies about racist acts against the Brazilian.

In addition to rival fans insulting the Brazilian, TV programs have also revealed prejudice.

In an edition of the program El Chiringuito, a guest was racist when talking about Vini’s dances on the field. Pedro Bravo, president of the Spanish Association of Players’ Entrepreneurs, stated: “What you have to do here is respect your professional colleagues and stop fooling around”.

The statement provoked a strong reaction from public opinion, and Vinicius also spoke out.

Strong statement in the Selection

Constantly attacked by fans in Spain, Vini Jr. spoke about the topic before the friendly between Brazil and Spain, which took place last Tuesday (26) at the Santiago Bernabéu. The 23-year-old boy got emotional and said he is losing the desire to play football.

“I think they [Spaniards] have to talk less about everything I do wrong on the field, of course I have to evolve, improve. But I’m only 23 years old and it’s a natural process.

I left Brazil very young and continue studying. Why can’t reporters here, in Spain, study and really see what’s happening? Every time I’m sadder, every time I have less desire to play. But I’m going to keep fighting,” said Vinicius Júnior.

Vini had peaks at Real and made his debut with the Seleção

Before becoming one of the main players in the world at the age of 23, Vini Jr. aroused a lot of interest among Brazilians in July 2018, precisely when he arrived and was presented as a reinforcement for Real Madrid.

Another increase in interest observed in the graph happened in February 2019, when the striker was called up to the Brazilian team for the first time.

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