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President Joe Biden and Donald Trump exchange accusations at their party rallies.

“Our democracy is truly at risk,” warned Joe Biden in prayer.

Joe Biden  and Trump attack each other! Although the Democratic and Republican parties have not yet held the conventions that will become official as candidates for the White House of the United States, the current president, Joe Biden, and his predecessor , Donald Trump, the two are already facing each other in speeches to their electorates. at events across the country.

This Saturday (18/05), Trump was received in Dallas, Texas, at the National Rifle Association (NRA) Leadership Forum . Speaking to members of the association, the Republican said that Biden is “by far the worst president in the history of the country” and labeled his opponent a “complete liar”.

“You’re fired , get out of here, Joe,” said the businessman, amid laughter from members of the audience, who assured him that Biden would come after his firearms , in reference to the Democratic rate of greater arms entry controls . Still according to Trump, Biden is corrupt and a “ threat to democracy”.

The candidate promised to undo gun regulations implemented by the Democrat. “In my second term , we will turn around every Biden attack on the Second Amendment,” he said, referring to the section of the US Constitution that guarantees gun rights .

Biden, in turn, participated in an event in Atlanta, Georgia, a state where he won by a small margin in 2020. “Our democracy is really at risk,” warned the Democrat to a group of followers gathered at Mary Mac’s Tea Room restaurant , which has an African-American owner, a key audience for its campaign heading into the November elections.

“My opponent is not a good loser, but he is a loser,” Biden said, to applause. “He’s not just obsessed with losing in 2020, he’s distraught. Trump is not running to lead the country, he is running for revenge,” he said.

Joe Biden campaign rejects additional debates against Trump.

President Joe Biden’s campaign on Friday rejected two additional debates that former President Donald Trump’s campaign says it agreed to hold.

One of them was a proposed presidential debate organized by NBC News and Telemundo. The other was for a vice presidential debate hosted by Fox News at Virginia State University, a historically black college.

“I have agreed to a fourth presidential debate against the corrupt Joe Biden, this time with NBC and Telemundo,” Trump wrote on Truth Social on Friday afternoon. “It is important as Republicans that we WIN from our Great Hispanic Community, which Biden has devastated with crippling inflation, high gas prices, crime on our streets and border chaos. Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum of Fox News will host the vice presidential debate at Virginia State University, or elsewhere in Virginia, to be named later.”

Trump’s approval of debates that would have attracted larger Latino and black audiences appeared to be aimed , in part , at inciting Biden’s campaign, which has struggled to connect with these communities that were critical to his election. in 2020.

“The debate about the debates is over,” said a Biden campaign official. “No more games.”

In a broadcast on Friday night, the Trump campaign responded by criticizing Biden’s decision.

“The Telemundo/NBC debate would be widely watched by Hispanic voters, but Biden’s handlers are petrified of allowing him to defend his disastrous record,” said campaign spokeswoman Danielle Alvarez. “Crooked Joe Biden is too ‘ cowardly ‘ to address the Hispanic community and answer for his failures on the debate stage!”

This week, the Trump and Biden campaigns bypassed the traditional process led by the Presidential Debate Percentage and agreed to two presidential debates: one hosted by CNN in Atlanta on June 27, and another by ABC News on September 10, taking place still be determined.

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