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Peace Summit for Ukraine ends without consensus.

Tranquility Summit for Ukraine ends without consensus.

Ukraine  still without support ! The majority of the 90 countries that participated in the Tranquility Summit for Ukraine in Switzerland supported the final statement of the event, said Swiss President Viola Amherd this Sunday (16/06). Some nations have not signed the document, including Mexico, Saudi Arabia and India.

Amherd said at the close of the meeting in the Swiss city of Buergenstock that the content of the final envoy calls for the safe use of nuclear power , the protection of maritime shipping routes and the return of displaced children and illegally detained civilians.

The president of Switzerland recognized the urgency for Russia to be included in future negotiations and said that the Tablet of the United Nations must be respected.

“The support of world leaders demonstrates that the International State of Righteousness can be restored, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the conference this Sunday (16).

US National Security mentor Jake Sullivan rejected a proposal for silence put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying it was a “completely absurd view”.

Sullivan added during Sunday’s closing plenary session that meeting Moscow’s demands would make Kiev even more vulnerable to further aggression.

Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena Ibarra said there was no international support for any silence initiative . Some European allies said a more capacious range was needed .

Moscow, which was not invited and made it clear that it did not want to participate, called the event a waste of time. Russia presented rival proposals at halftime . China was another notable shortage .

Brazil did not sign sent to silence in Ukraine

Brazil was one of the countries that did not sign, the final envoy of the Summit for Tranquility in Ukraine, a document that calls for the involvement of all parties in negotiations to obtain silence and “reaffirms the territorial integrity” of Ukraine.

At a press conference in Italy, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva revealed that he told the president of the Swiss Confederation, Viola Amherd, that he made the decision not to go to this Sunday’s international meeting because Brazil would only participate in the discussion about silence when the two conflicting sides, Ukraine and Russia, are sitting at the table.

“Because it is not likely that you will have a meeting between two and find that meeting with just one solves the problem.”

Faced with the impasse between the two heads of state, Lula stated that Brazil has already proposed, in partnership with China, an effective negotiation to resolve the conflict.

Because there is still a lot of resistance, both from Zelensky (Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine), and Putin (Vladimir Putin, president of Russia), to talking about silence , each one has silence in their head, the way they want, and we are, after a document signed with China, by Celso Amorim [Chief Advisor of the Special Advisory of the President of the Republic of Brazil] and by the representative of Xi Jinping [president of the People’s Republic of China], we are proposing that there be a effective negotiation.”

“Let us definitely put Russia at the table, Zelensky at the table, and let’s see if it is likely to convince them that silence will bring a better result than war. In silence , no one needs to die, nothing needs to be destroyed . You don’t need to victimize innocent soldiers, especially young ones, and you can have a pact . When both are willing, we are ready to discuss”, added the president.

To this Sunday’s international meeting, Brazil sent Brazil’s ambassador to Switzerland, diplomat Claudia Fonseca Buzzi. The Ukrainian president was also at the summit to obtain international support for his project to end the war triggered by the Russian invasion.

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