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Olympic and world winner, Italo Ferreiram, says he has to “lower the level” of surfing in controversy with judges.

Italo Ferreira says he had to “ lower the level” of surfing in controversy with judges.

Olympic and world winner , Italo Ferreira said that, sometimes, he has to subtract the level of his surfing against some athletes in the controversy involving the scores of the World Surfing League (WSL) judges.

The criteria adopted by the WSL judges were recently criticized by both Brazilian fans and the country’s own surfers. Italo spoke about the topic.

“We adapt to the game. Today, there is actually a little more transparency compared to recent months. We’ve been getting a little more involved with the WSL people. They have understood that surfers are a priority in the competition and that we have to be heard. This exchange, this transparency between the athlete and the organization is being allowed . I believe that this is improving every year. We have been adapting, playing the game, which is what matters if we want to win”, said Italo Ferreira to the Uol website.

“We have to play the game and, sometimes, even lower our level a little to adapt to other athletes who don’t have the same level as you. Let’s live this world and adapt, face challenges, win, lose and learn”, added the surfer.

Within the WSL, however, there are caveats. President of the organization in Latin America, Brazilian Ivan Martinho, for example, cites Brazil’s seven titles in the last nine seasons.

“These things [complaints], about attire , happen. There is a WSL office that takes care of this section of the reasoning , but from my side, what I see is that we always have to take into account the history of the seven titles out of the last nine. They were tried by the same judges. So why would it really have changed now? We always have to have the ability to highlight what a costume is and what is, perhaps, a dissatisfaction transformed into a gloss and which generates enormous controversy, but I hope that this is already a turning page and we, looking forward, will not have more this type of discussion”, commented Ivan Martinho.

Italo passes Finals in Fiji

One of the big news announced by the WSL for 2025 is the change of location for the Finals, the event that decides the world winner . Starting next year, Trestles [USA] will give way to Fiji, something that was validated by Italo.

“Fiji is a very peculiar place . It’s a position that really challenges athletes, it’s not like Trestles, where you basically know what the other opponent is capable of doing in those positions. It’s been three years there in the same spot [Trestles], so it got a little repetitive. I think Fiji, like some other places in the world, can bring a little more emotion to the Italo public.”, concluded Italo Ferreira.

Source: Folhapress

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