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New polls predict a historic Labor victory in the British elections.

Conservative Party would gain 108 seats, losing 257 in comparison with the current drafting of Parliament.

With two weeks to go until the 4th of July elections in the  United Kingdom , two new polls, published this Wednesday, 19, predict a historic victory for the  Labor Party , which would win a large majority, with 425 or 516 of the 650 seats in the Chamber of the Commons.

According to a YouGov poll, the Labor opposition is expected to take 425 of the 650 seats in the United Kingdom Parliament , achieving “the highest number in the party’s history”, with 39% of the vote.

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That would make Labor leader Keir Starmer the next prime minister, ending 14 years of Conservative governments.

According to this research, the  Conservative Party would gain 108 seats, losing 257 in comparison with the current drafting of Parliament.

The Savanta institute, in turn, estimates a victory for Labor with 516 seats, double the number obtained by Tony Blair in 1997.

In this survey, the conservatives would have only 53 seats, an overwhelming and unprecedented trajectory for the party.

Furthermore , the Savanta survey, carried out for the  Daily Telegraph , even predicts that Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could lose his seat in Richmond (Yorkshire) to Labor, a situation never seen before for a government director , although projections are very close.

Could a Third Force emerge in parliament?

According to these two polls, key figures in the Conservative government such as Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt, Defense Minister Grant Shapps and Parliamentary Relations Minister Penny Mordaunt would lose their seats.

The Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems), a centrist party, could become the third force in Parliament, with 67 seats, in agreement with YouGov.

In this way, they would overtake the Scottish separatists of the SNP, in difficulties due to the  Labor Party , who would only obtain 20 seats in Westminster.

Euroskeptic Nigel Farage’s far-right Reform UK party, which has been rising in the polls, would win its first five seats, with 15% of the vote, including in Clacton, in the east of England, where the party leader is standing, from agreement with YouGov.

On the other hand, Savanta believes that  Reform UK would not win any seats due to the majority rather than single district voting system , marking the eighth itinerary for Farage, who was once a member of the European Parliament but never managed to enter the British Parliament.

The institute adds that disputes over more than 100 seats have such narrow margins between candidates that they can go either way.

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