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NATO’s announcement of the largest military exercise in three decades.

NATO’s Preparation for the Exercise

  • The exercise is expected to begin next week and will involve 90,000 troops, making it the largest mobilization since the Cold War.
  • The exercise aims to demonstrate NATO’s ability to reinforce Europe and the Atlantic region through the transatlantic movement of forces from North America.
  • In this simulated conflict scenario, NATO will train its troops to deploy to Poland and other locations close to Russia, such as Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and, potentially, Sweden.

Meaning of this Exercise

  • The exercise serves as a signal to Russia that NATO is prepared for any potential aggression.
  • There are concerns about President Trump’s intention to withdraw the United States from NATO if re-elected, which has led European countries to emphasize their need for self-defense capabilities.

Tensions in Europe

  • Germany’s secret documents reveal plans for resolving the conflict with Russia.
  • President Trump views NATO as an excessive burden on the United States and believes that European countries should contribute more financially to their own security.
  • The ongoing conflict in Ukraine plays a role in increasing tensions between Russia and Western countries.

Leonardo Trevisan’s analysis

  • Elections for the European Parliament and potential changes of power contribute to increased tensions and the search for an enemy.
  • Russia’s limitations in terms of military capabilities and economic dependence on China make a large-scale attack on Europe unlikely.
  • Considering Russia’s dependence on China for oil sales, it is unlikely that China would be interested in a global war.

Lack of Technological Development and Political Reasons.

The lack of technological development is hindering progress and there is a dependence on Iranian drones. The disclosure of this information may have more political than practical reasons.

Political reasons.

  • The disclosure of this information may have more political than practical reasons.
  • There are potential political reasons behind the release of this plan.

Lack of leadership in Europe.

Europe has faced a lack of leadership, especially in the military sector. This absence of leaders has caused fear and concern, particularly regarding the possibility of a Russian attack.

Lack of leaders in Europe

  • Europe lacks strong leaders, especially in the military sector.
  • Macron and Olaf Scholz’s attempts to be leaders have faced challenges and criticism.
  • The absence of leadership contributes to Europe’s fear and concern about a potential Russian attack.

Angela Merkel as the last European leader

Angela Merkel was considered the last significant leader in Europe. Her absence has had an impact on Ukraine’s development and highlights the importance of strong leadership.

  • Analysts believe that if she had still been in power, Ukraine would have had different results.
  • Merkel’s assertiveness towards Donald Trump demonstrated effective leadership qualities.

European challenges and lack of projects

  • Europe faces economic recessions, especially Germany.
  • Demographic issues, such as low birth rates, contribute to the absence of leadership.
  • The aging of the population and the lack of projects led to the concept of “eurosclerosis”.
  • Radicalized ideas are gaining strength due to the absence of strong leadership.

The need for new leadership in Europe

  • Europe needs new leaders to effectively face its challenges.
  • Emmanuel Macron’s appointment of a young prime minister reflects the desire for change and new ideas.
  • The emergence of worse proposals highlights the urgency of new leadership.

Importance of Building Leaders in Europe

  • Europe must prioritize building strong leaders.
  • Historical examples, such as Winston Churchill, highlight the importance of leadership in difficult times.
  • The absence of leaders leads to a lack of projects and an increase in extreme ideologies.


Europe is currently facing challenges due to a lack of technological development, due to political reasons and, most importantly, a lack of effective leadership. Angela Merkel was considered the last significant leader in Europe and her absence had consequences for Ukraine’s development. The continent is experiencing economic recessions, demographic problems, an aging population and a lack of projects. To overcome these challenges, it is crucial that Europe builds new leaders who can bring new perspectives and

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