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Mark Rutte becomes the next NATO Secretary-General, and could become a thorn in Putin’s side.

Mark Rutte could become a stumbling block in Putin’s path.

The path is clear for Mark Rutte to become NATO’s next Universal Secretary. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas could become the EU’s new foreign policy overseer . This would mean that two important jobs in the West would go to vocal critics of Russia. For both organizations, this is more than just a sign.

Following the understanding with Hungary, it is almost clear that the former superintendent of the Dutch government, Mark Rutte, will succeed Jens Stoltenberg as Universal Secretary of NATO. And in internal negotiations on the formation of the new EU Percentage , it becomes clear that Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas could become the new foreign representative. This would mean that two fierce critics of Russia and reliable supporters of Ukraine would occupy key positions in the Western federation . A double blow for Moscow.

Rutte has long had the support of a large number of NATO partners, but Hungary, Slovakia and Romania do not support him; But now Hungary gave in and on the same day Slovakia also gave up its resistance. On Thursday, Romania also gave Rutte the green light.

The decisive change began last week, when Rutte assured Budapest that he would not use money or Hungarian soldiers to settle Ukraine. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán published a letter from Rutte on X in which he assured that he would also adhere to this understanding as Universal Secretary of NATO.

“Given this guarantee, Hungary is ready to agree with Prime Minister Rutte in his candidacy for the role of Secretary General of NATO,” wrote Orbán. Rutte’s appointment is therefore largely assured.

“With Prime Minister Orbán’s proclamation , I believe we are very close to a conclusion to select the next secretary-general, and I think that is good news,” NATO Superintendent Stoltenberg said at a press conference in Washington. , on Tuesday. Rutte is a very potent candidate , said Stoltenberg.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis also ran. However, he was unable to gather as broad a base of support as Rutte. At the same time as the Romanian blockade ended, Iohannis withdrew his candidacy for NATO’s most important job . The bourgeois liberal Rutte is the oldest Dutch prime minister and is used to maintaining very diverse and fragmented coalitions.

Mark Rutte is a powerful satire of the Russian government

Rutte is one of the harshest critics of Russia and its aggression against Ukraine among Western heads of state. On Saturday, at the tranquility conference in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, he was the one who found the harshest words for Moscow’s alleged “ calm offer ”, which was yet another invitation to capitulate to Ukraine. The proposal was “absolutely crazy,” Rutte said. But it’s a good sign that Russia’s president has succeeded. “This shows that Putin is in a panic,” Rutte said.

Mark Rutte ‘s resolute support for Ukraine has several reasons. On the one hand, it has to do with Rutte’s liberal beliefs, but also with the fact that the Netherlands and its prime minister still have a score to settle with the Putin regime. Finally , it was a Russian air defense system that shot down a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane that had taken off from Amsterdam over Ukraine en route to Kuala Lumpur in 2014, during Russia’s first war against Ukraine. 283 passengers and 15 crew died, 193 of whom were Dutch citizens.

And so, following Russia’s new attack, the Netherlands positioned itself as a strong supporter of Ukraine and also played a pioneering role in supplying new Western weapons systems. Finally , the Netherlands were the first to declare their willingness to supply F-16 fighters to Ukraine and now they also lead the coalition to train Ukrainian pilots. Following the Russian invasion, Mark Rutte also increased spending on security in the Netherlands to more than two percent, in order to cope with the new security situation on the continent.

The Dutchman would also be well suited to maneuver NATO through a likely renewal of the Trump presidency. During Trump’s first term of office , Rutte was considered one of the few Europeans who managed to build a good relationship with Trump. Mark Rutte will likely be confirmed at the next NATO summit, July 9-11, which will also celebrate the federation ‘s 75th birthday .

In the future , NATO Universal Secretary Mark Rutte may be escorted by another important Russian critic from Eastern Europe. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is now seen as a promising candidate to succeed Josep Borrell as EU foreign policy overseer . Like Rutte , Kallas initially applied for the role of NATO Universal Secretary, but was blocked by Berlin, among other things, due to his harsh anti-Russian positions. However, his chances of getting the EU job now look more promising.

Source : Die Welt

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