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Man injured in kidnapping in Rio is hospitalized in serious condition.

The hijacking of a bus on the afternoon of this Tuesday, 12th, in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

A 34-year-old man, shot during the hijacking of a bus on the afternoon of Tuesday, 12th, in Rio de Janeiro, is hospitalized in serious condition at the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital. He was shot at while outside the vehicle, before the criminal entered.

The crime took place at Rodoviária Novo Rio, the main intercity terminal in the capital of Rio. After around two hours of negotiation with a team from the Special Police Operations Battalion (Bope), the kidnapper surrendered and the 17 people held hostage were released.

Hit by two shots, the victim suffered two puncture wounds, in the chest and abdomen. The man has already undergone three surgeries and received six bags of blood, according to the municipal secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz. Another victim was injured, but only by shrapnel, and was rescued at the scene.

The kidnap 

Armed with a pistol and in possession of a cell phone, the criminal took hostage passengers — including children and elderly people — on a Sampaio bus, which was destined for the Minas Gerais city of Juiz de Fora. Police officers from the Tourist Areas Policing Battalion (BPTur), the 4th BPM (São Cristóvão) and the 5th BPM (Praça da Harmonia), in addition to Bope, intensified policing in the perimeter, which was isolated. The bus station was also completely evacuated.

Governor of Rio, Cláudio Castro celebrated the performance of the state’s security forces, which he considered “exemplary”. “I was in direct contact with the police command, passing two orders: to protect the lives of the hostages and to be relentless in negotiations,” he wrote. Minutes before, he had already informed that he had determined “the maximum dedication of the police officers”.

On social media, the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, stated that “City Hall teams are providing support and guiding drivers in the region”. “The Concessionaire (responsible for the Bus Station) asks that anyone who has a ticket for the next few hours, reschedule their trip,” he wrote.

Source: veja.abril

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