Luxurious Limousine given by Putin to the leader of North Korea, was it a gift?

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Russian president presented Kim Jong-un with the Aurus Senat model; luxurious limousine made in Russia has clear inspiration from Rolls-Royce cars.

Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by presenting him with a stunning luxury limousine from the Aurus brand, made in Russia. The news, recently reported by North Korean state news agency KCNA, highlights the developing ties between the two countries.

The vehicle in question, the Aurus Senat, launched in 2018, is a masterpiece of Russian luxury and engineering. Inspired by the iconic British Rolls-Royce models, the Senat is entirely manufactured in Russia, being presented to the public for the first time at the Moscow Motor Show that same year.

Aurus Senat and its diplomatic significance

Equipped with a powerful hybrid V8 4.4 biturbo engine, developed in partnership with the renowned German manufacturer Porsche, the Aurus Senat can generate up to 598 hp of combined power, with a maximum torque of 89.7 kgfm.

Its interior is a true work of art, with two reclining seats for passengers in the rear, as well as luxury features such as a minibar, retractable airplane-style tables and an exquisite finish in genuine leather and noble wood.

The car debuted on the Russian market with a promotional price of 10 million rupees (R$788 thousand at current prices), but today it costs around 20 million rupees (around R$1.5 million, in direct conversion).

Kim Jong Un is a Maybach fan

Putin’s gesture, in addition to demonstrating a demonstration of closeness between Russia and North Korea, raises questions about compliance with sanctions imposed by the United Nations (UN) due to the Asian country’s nuclear weapons program.

The luxurious gift given by the Russian premier, therefore, can be considered a violation of these UN sanctions. Kim Jong Un already has a garage full of luxurious cars, including several units from Maybach, the luxury division of Mercedes-Benz.

One of them was even used in his last meeting with Putin, where he arrived aboard an armored Maybach S630, valued at R$8 million.

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