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Head of Government of Germany asks Milei to pay attention to ‘social cohesion’.

The two leaders also spoke about the difficult negotiation of a free trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union.

The German Government Superintendent , Olaf Scholz, asked, this Sunday (23) in Berlin, the silver president Javier Milei to take care of “social cohesion”, following the protests in Buenos Aires against the State reform promoted by the ultraliberal leader.

Escorted by his sister Karina Milei, general secretary of the Presidency, the South American president was received by the social democrat Scholz at the Chancellery in Berlin.

After the meeting there was no press conference , as announced on Friday by the Teutonic Executive , which presented the meeting as a “very brief” working visit and said that the reduced format was due to the wishes of the silver government .

Nevertheless, the government of Europe’s largest economy issued an envoy in which it noted that the Teutonic chancellor and President Milei “spoke about Argentina’s reform plans and their impact on the population.”

“The Chancellor emphasized that, in his opinion, social compatibility and the protection of social cohesion should be important pillars”, according to the note.

A group of almost 10 people protested against the silver president in front of the chancellery with posters with messages such as “Argentina is not for sale” and “Out with Milei”.

After six months in government, Milei achieved a legislative triumph in the middle of this month when his package of reforms and economic deregulation released as the “Bases law” was authenticated by a narrow margin in the Senate.

There were protests and disturbances during the vote on the package, which must still be definitively authenticated in the Chamber of Deputies.

The “Bases law” includes privatizations of public companies, tax incentives for foreign capital, and the delegation of special powers to the Executive Branch.

The Teutonic government also detailed that the talks covered “the entire range of bilateral relations”, including transaction , renewable energy and climate protection.

The two leaders also spoke about the difficult negotiation of a free trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union. “They agreed that […] they should finalize [the agreement] quickly”, according to the Teutonic government envoy .

Milei and Scholz also talked about Argentina’s likely entry into the OECD, an effort that Berlin “supports.”

Before his trip to Germany, Milei made his second visit in just over a month to Spain, where, once again, he did not meet either King Felipe VI or the government president, the socialist Pedro Sánchez.

In the Spanish capital, Milei received a token from the conservative president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, which caused irritation in the Spanish government.

According to many observers, the reduced format of the visit to Berlin could be explained by statements made on Monday by Teutonic government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit, who classified Milei’s comments about Begoña Gómez, Pedro’s wife, as “bad taste “. Sánchez.

In May, during a convention of the far-right Vox party in Madrid, Milei referred to Sánchez’s wife as a “corrupt woman”, to which Spain responded by withdrawing its ambassador in Buenos Aires.

Milei referred to Begoña Gómez as such for initiating a judicial investigation against her for alleged influence peddling and debauchery .

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