Elon Musk confronts Australia over the right to show the stabbing of a religious man.


Inciting to engage and make currency?

Billionaire Elon Musk’s new war for “freedom of speech ” is to show on X images of the stabbing of a religious man in Australia, a country mourning a previous incident in which six people died in a shopping center.

On Monday, the Australian court ordered Musk to hide the brutal images of the attack against the pontiff  of the Assyrian Christian Church of the Good Shepherd, Mar Mari Emmanuel, in a city near Sydney.

Emmanuel broadcasts his services live, expresses controversial opinions in his sermons and has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

The attack took place on April 15, when a 16-year-old boy repeatedly stabbed the pontiff and then injured five other people. Emmanuel survived and forgave the person responsible for the attack.

Because the attack was broadcast live, hundreds of the pontiff ‘s followers went to the church headquarters and clashed with the police, as they wanted to lynch the young man , who allegedly justified himself by saying that the pontiff had offended the seer Muhammad.

He will answer for religious terrorism.


The pontiff , a successful TikToker, frequently criticizes LGBTQI+ people, Muslims, the COVID vaccine and Democrat Joe Biden.

After the Australian court’s decision, Elon Musk promised to appeal, but removed the video only from users in Australia, who can still view it using remote input via VPN.

The images went viral through far-right users, who preach war on Islam.

After Musk used a meme to accuse Australia’s prime minister of scolding , Anthony Albanese said he is an “arrogant billionaire.”

In an interview, he stated that Musk “thinks he is above the law, but also above integrity in general .”

Australia has an electronic security monitoring body, headed by Julie Inman Grant, who was accused by Musk of being the “commissioner of reprimand “.

The eSafety Commissioner published the X:

eSafety’s takedown notice to X Corp required it to take all reasonable steps to promise to remove the extremely violent video content of the alleged terrorist act in Sydney’s Wakeley on April 15. The takedown notice identified specific URLs where the material was located.

Because Musk limited the scope of the Australian court’s request, the video began to be replicated in size by far-right profiles.


An X-verified profile based in the United States warned:

Bottom is the video that the Australian government wants us not to see and is trying to reprimand globally. East is the moment a Jihadi stabs a Christian pontiff in Australia. You know what to do. Share as much as possible .

In his posts, Musk argues that local decisions cannot rebuke the global internet.

Obviously, he does not reveal that violent videos increase engagement and comments on social networks, resulting in greater dwell time and, therefore, profit for his company.

Australia is in mourning after another stabbing.

Joel Cauchi, 40 years old, stabbed six people to death and injured 11 others, including a 9-month-old baby. His mother died. Of the 17 attacked, 14 were women.

Cauchi had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The juvenile who attacked the pontiff also had psychiatric problems, according to his legal advisor .

In high-profile cases, authorities always warn of the possibility of what is called a copycat crime , that is, an attack inspired by a previous event, real or imagined .

The possibility that it occurred in Australia is great, since only two days separated the episodes.

In Brazil, the shooter who killed three people and injured four with a firearm , in a cinema in a shopping mall in São Paulo, in 1999, “relived” scenes from a video game. He also suffered from mental problems.

Source: Revistaforum