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Denmark bans ‘super’ spicy instant noodles. How is it in Brazil?

Denmark bans ‘super’ spicy moment noodles; The result is sold in Brazil.

The country’s health branch recommends that consumers return products to stores or discard packaging.

Denmark  has banned the sale of three types of instant  noodles from the South Korean brand  Samyang and recommends that consumers who purchased the products return them to the stores of origin or discard the packaging.

The branch responsible for regulating provisions in the country declared this Wednesday, 12th, that the labels  “Hot Chicken Ramen 3x Spicy” , “ Hot Chicken Ramen 2x Spicy”  and  “Chicken Flavor Ramen”  are unsuitable for consumption as they are extremely spicy, with the possibility of causing “ acute intoxication ” damage .

According to the envoy , the products contain an excess of capsaicin, the chemical compound present in peppers.

Despite the ban on the sale of instant noodles, the Danish health authority emphasized that “there is no reason to worry if your children show symptoms of acute poisoning after consuming the result ”.

The branch also advised parents to contact health authorities for advice.

Sale in Brazil

Founded in South Korea, Samyang is one of the largest manufacturers of instant noodles in the world and  had revenues of around US$50 billion, an increase of 52% compared to five years ago , shows a report by Euromonitor International, released by EXAME .

One of the brand’s main products is the Buldak range , known for offering a range of the spiciest processed foods in the world. In this category, Hot Chicken Ramen instant noodles, banned this Wednesday in Denmark, stand out.

In Brazil, Buldak products are  present in several markets specializing in Asian products and also in online stores. On average, the brand’s instant noodles sell for R$15. Samyang’s labels are not on Anvisa’s list of products unsuitable for consumption.

Despite this, there is no formal representation of the company in the country, nor a Samyang factory in Brazilian territory .

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