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Cristiano Ronaldo’s speech about FIFA’s “The Best” award.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT ANYMORE! For me, these AWARDS…” Cristiano Ronaldo CRITICIZES Ballon d’Or and The Best!

The Player, Cristiano Ronaldo, expresses his opinion on the credibility of awards such as FIFA’s “The Best” and discusses Lionel Messi’s achievement of the award.

Cristiano Ronaldo questions the credibility of the awards

  • Cristiano Ronaldo believes that awards like “The Best” are losing credibility.
  • He mentions that Lionel Messi’s choice for the award was surrounded by controversy and many people, including himself, saw Robert Lewandowski as a strong candidate.
  • Ronaldo no longer believes in these awards and questions the criteria used for the selection.

Criticizing the criteria for awards

  • Ronaldo highlights that there is ambiguity in the way these awards are determined.
  • He mentions that players like Messi, Mbappé and Halland did not attend the ceremony to receive the awards.
  • The criteria used for selection are not clear, whether they include performances before or after the World Cup.
  • Ronaldo states that he considers this year to be one of the worst, despite having deserved an award in previous years.

Journalist Bruno Prado’s opinion on awards

Bruno Prado shares his perspective on Cristiano Ronaldo’s statement about the awards.

Agreeing with Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Bruno Prado agrees with Cristiano Ronaldo that these awards are not taken as seriously as they should.
  • He believes that sometimes people vote based on personal preferences rather than objective analysis.
  • Prado acknowledges that while Messi may have won several times before, that doesn’t necessarily mean he deserved it every time.

Excessive importance given to awards

  • The importance given to these awards is often exaggerated, with people determining a player’s entire career based on them.
  • Prado mentions that the voting process involves journalists, captains, coaches and even fans, which can lead to biased decisions.
  • He believes that determining a player’s career success solely based on awards is incorrect.

Subjectivity in the voting process

  • Prado emphasizes that voting for these awards is subjective and influenced by personal relationships or prejudices.
  • He mentions that some players may not have an in-depth knowledge of football beyond their own playing experience.
  • Prado suggests that many players vote without due analysis and simply choose popular names like Messi.

Lack of objective analysis

  • Prado highlights that an objective analysis is often lacking when it comes to awarding votes.
  • Many players may not actively follow football beyond their own involvement and may not be aware of current performances or achievements.
  • He believes that some players vote without fully understanding what is happening in the world of football.

The influence of personal preferences

  • Prado suggests that personal preferences play a significant role in award voting.
  • Some players may vote for Messi because it seems like an obvious choice or because they are his fans.
  • He highlights that not all players have a comprehensive knowledge or interest in football beyond their own careers.

Importance given to winning teams

  • Prado mentions that players from winning teams tend to receive more attention and consideration for awards.
  • A team’s success, such as winning the Champions League or World Cup, can heavily influence prize decisions.
  • He believes this emphasis on team success can overshadow individual performance.

Mikel Obi’s involvement in award selection

  • Mikel Obi, a Nigerian midfielder who played for Chelsea, was part of a committee that selected the 12 finalists for the awards.
  • The committee was made up of former players, including Kaká, representing different countries and continents.
  • They were responsible for creating the initial list in which captains, coaches, fans and journalists voted.


In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo expresses his skepticism towards awards such as FIFA’s “The Best” and questions their credibility. Bruno Prado agrees with Ronaldo’s point of view and highlights the subjectivity of voting for awards. Both emphasize that these awards should not be used as sole determinants of a player’s career success.

Flaws in the voting system and Opinions

  • The current voting system for football awards is flawed.
  • The system involves captains, coaches, journalists and fans voting for their favorite players.
  • This leads to bias and popularity contests rather than a fair assessment of a player’s performance.
  • Sometimes first and last impressions strongly influence the outcome of the vote.
  • They give the example of Lionel Messi carrying Argentina during a tournament, which heavily influenced his chances of winning a prize.

Importance of Statistical Analysis

  • A more modern approach to voting could involve statistical analysis.
  • They propose evaluating players based on several performance metrics over a specific period of time.
  • By considering objective statistics such as goals scored, assists made and other performance indicators, a more accurate assessment can be made.
  • This approach would provide a scientific justification for rewarding players based on their actual performance rather than popularity or prejudice.

Lack of credibility in awards

  • Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly said that he no longer believes in these awards due to the loss of credibility.
  • He emphasizes that numbers don’t lie and should be considered when evaluating players’ performance.
  • Ronaldo’s sentiment suggests that if changes are not made to improve the voting system, these awards will lose their meaning.

Evaluation of Ballon d’Or candidates


  • Messi played 32 matches in the period evaluated, scoring 24 goals and providing 8 assists.
  • He won the French league title and the League Cup with Paris Saint-Germain.

Erling Haaland

  • Haaland played 41 matches, scoring 35 goals and providing 6 assists.
  • He won the FA Cup, Premier League and UEFA Champions League with Chelsea.

Kylian Mb

  • Mbappe played 28 matches, scoring 27 goals and providing 7 assists.
  • He won the French league title with Paris Saint-Germain.

Absence at FIFA the Best Ceremony

  • None of these three players attended the FIFA The Best ceremony.

Ego and Subjectivity in Awards

The ego and subjectivity in football awards.

  • The speaker mentions that players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe have significant egos.
  • These egos can influence your perception of awards and your willingness to participate in ceremonies.

Subjectivity in Selections

  • Subjective factors often come into play in selecting award winners.
  • They cite examples in which a player can be considered one of the best in a specific category, but is not included in the general selection or vice versa.

Need for Improvement in the Rewards System

  • Many deserving players do not receive recognition due to subjective voting processes.
  • Critics believe that statistical analysis could provide a fairer assessment of players’ performance.

Importance of objective criteria

  • Objective criteria, such as goals scored, assists made or other performance metrics, must be considered in award evaluations.
  • This would provide a more accurate representation of players’ contributions and achievements.


  • If the current voting system is not improved, football awards may lose their meaning.
  • They emphasize the importance of considering objective criteria and statistical analysis to ensure fair recognition for deserving players.

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