• Copa América: Vini Jr. asks for time to solidify himself in the Brazilian team
  • Copa América: Dorival points out Brazil’s mistakes against Costa Rica

Brazil’s best moment was in goal,  Raphinha  took a free kick, Rodrygo deflected it at the first post and Marquinhos scored. However, after a VAR review, the goal was disallowed. Upon returning from the break , the Seleção attacked more and had the main chances in shots coming from  Rodrygo  , who almost scored on two occasions.

In the 17th minute,  Lucas Paquetá  shot from distance hitting the post. In the 26th minute, Quirós crossed into his own goal, forcing the Costa Rican goalkeeper to make a great save . At 33,  Arana  submitted a good save from Sequeira. Brazil’s last chance was after a good move by Savinho that rolled to Bruno Guimarães who shot over.

See the notes on the performances of Brazil’s players:



It was not required due to Brazil’s dominance

Danilo: 6

He committed a silly foul, but had no difficulty marking it

Marquinho: 7

He scored Brazil’s goal in the first half, but it was disallowed by VAR, he played a safe game.

Éder Militão:7

He played a safe game.

Guilherme Arana: 8

He was modest in the first half, but he almost scored with a shot from outside the extension in the second half , erasing the poor performance in the first 45 minutes.


João Gomes:6

He didn’t compromise, he left in the second half.

Bruno Guimarães: 6

He played less well than expected, but almost scored the winning goal in stoppage time.

Lucas Paquetá: 7.5

He took the most risks in generating plays, improved his performance from the 20th minute onwards and almost scored a great goal in the 17th minute.


Raphinha : 6,5

He was the most active when he was on the field, but he was unable to transform offensive plays into scoring chances.

Rodrygo: 7

He improved with the team in the second half, could have scored on two occasions

Vini Jr: 6

If he moved, he didn’t hide from the game. But he was technically inferior .

Savinho: 8

Brazil’s best player in the match, in less than 15 minutes he changed the situation of the match and created chances on the right side .

Endrick: 5

He was very marked , he was unable to be effective like in the last few matches.

Martinelli: 5

Little participated in the match.


Dorival Junior: 6

It took a while to make the changes, but when they did the team changed facets and almost won the match. The defensive problem has not been tested due to Costa Rica’s lack of originality , it needs to improve to continue as leader.

Costa Rica’s performances


Patrick Sequeira: 8

He made at least three great saves avoiding Costa Rica’s route .

Quiros: 7

He managed to nullify the left side of the Brazilian team until the 20th minute.

Mitchell : 6,5

He committed some silly fouls, but avoided many of Brazil’s moves.

Juan Vargas: 6.5

He did what he could to moderate Brazil’s attack.

Calvo : 6.5

He had difficulty marking, and managed to cancel out many of Brazil’s moves.

Lassiter: 6

He had a lot of difficulty with Raphinha and couldn’t mark Savinho.


Enter: 6

Little participated, as Brazil dominated the 90 minutes.

Brenes: 5

He didn’t participate much in the match, he left to join Bran.

Bran: 5

He barely participated in the game offensively.


Aguilera : 5

The ball didn’t arrive at any point, he couldn’t do much.

Zamora: 5

Same situation as Aguilera, a lot of effort and little exchange of passes.

Ugalde: 5

He helped mark Brazil’s ball , but failed to generate any important moves for Costa Rica.

Campbell: 5

Little participated.

Madrigal: 5

He moved when Costa Rica had the ball , but was unable to create a risk for the Brazilian defense.


Gustavo Alfaro: 7

Having won 1 important point, Costa Rica remains alive in the second round.