Condolences from PAOK FC on the death of Yiannis, aged 15.

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PAOK sent its condolences to Yiannis’ family.

The 15-year-old child, from Alexandroupoli, who tragically died on Saturday (16/3) after falling from the roof of the 5-story building where he lived.

According to his grandfather’s testimony to Newsit, the child wanted to take a selfie with the PAOK jersey, wanting to celebrate the great qualification of his favorite team over Dinamo Zagreb. But he stepped on the glass of the skylight, it broke and the young man found himself in the void, losing his life.

The “black and white” PAE sent a condolence message in which it said that it would embrace the family of the 15-year-old.

PAOK’s message in detail:

“PAE PAOK expresses its unspeakable sadness and its deepest condolences to the family of Giannis from Alexandroupoli, who met a horrible death while trying to take a photo with his beloved black and white jersey.

His memory will live on and the PAOK family will embrace his family.

Have a nice trip John…”

How the tragedy occurred with the 15-year-old victim

As the child’s grandfather pointed out, after his celebration, the 15-year-old asked his father as a favor to go up to the roof with him and take a selfie with the jersey of his favorite team.

“Yesterday Giannakis had his birthday. We had a phone call and I was singing to him long live Giannis with white hair and the child was laughing. He had told me that he would come on Sunday to treat us. He was the youngest of the family. He had two other older brothers aged 28 and 24. Giannakis was the Benjamin of the family.

At a time like this you can’t easily find words to comfort someone. Now that was a stab in the heart. Like someone took a knife and twisted it inside. What will my children say who lost their sprout? Tomorrow will be his funeral and we will tighten our hearts to say goodbye. Children should always be careful. So that we don’t end up in such unpleasant situations”

What will my children say who lost their bud? Tomorrow will be your funeral and we will hold our hearts to say goodbye. Children should always be careful. So that we don’t end up in such unpleasant situations”, he emphasized.

Source: mynews

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