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Campaign for Kim Kardashian’s brand, Lana Del Rey in lingerie.

Singer, Lana Del Rey, is the star of Skims’ Valentine’s Day collection.

The great singer, Lana Del Rey, is the new sensation of Kim Kardashian’s brand, Skims. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, held at the beginning of the year in the United States, the businesswoman invited the artist to star in the brand’s new campaign.

The news was also shared, first hand, by Kim Kardashian on her Instagram. Inspired by the retro glamor of the Golden Age of Hollywood, the collection has similarities to aesthetics already worked on by Lana Del Rey in her own discography.

In her images, the American singer appears in pieces that mix sensuality and delicacy, such as lace dresses, sweaters, and bodysuits. In total, 29 limited edition pieces will be made available on Skims e-commerce from the end of January, more precisely on the 23rd.

And with increasing strength in the international clothing scene, Kim Kardashian’s brand is one of the experts in increasing engagement on social media.

Lana Del Rey for Skims

Lana Del Rey ‘s relationship with the label goes back a long way. “I’ve been a huge fan of Skims since the beginning, so being featured in the Valentine’s Day campaign is a big deal,” Lana Del Rey said in a press release.

Created in 2019, Skims started on the market with a focus on lingerie and physical activity items. Over the years, the brand has had a large team starring in campaigns.

Names like Kim Cattrall, Nelly Furtado, Hari Nef, Lana Condor and Coco Jones recently posed for the American socialite and businesswoman’s company.

In this great process of stabilizing herself as a prominent mogul in the fashion industry, Kim Kardashian uses the lessons she learned in show business at Skims. The invitation to athletes, artists, and celebrities, like Lana Del Rey, indicates that she knows exactly what she is doing, exactly in the age of social media.

See more about, Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a prominent American singer, well known for her nostalgic style and tragic lyrics.
She was born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant in 1985, and began writing songs at the age of 18 and singing in bars at the age of 21.
Lana Del Rey released her first album in 2010, however, she became better known to the public after the release of the song Video Games at the end of 2011 and the album Born to Die at the beginning of 2012.
Other albums like Lust for Life, Paradise, and Norman Fucking Rockwell! They were nominated for awards at the Grammys, however, she did not win. She had to deal with alcohol problems as a teenager and was taken to a boarding school, where she only became sober after three years. She even studied philosophy at college, however, she dropped out to dedicate herself to music.
Before the singer established herself in this musical universe, Elizabeth Grant (her real name) tried to gain leverage using other aliases. And sometimes, participating in a band. For 5 years, however, she set up her own team to work on her image towards success.
And it worked. Elizabeth left the scene for Lana’s triumphant entry, following a model that has already worked with other big stars, including some aesthetic procedures and adaptations in musical style. So much so, that the singer herself has no problem admitting that it is a product made to work. And in this case, a good product.

For Manuela Freitas, a specialist in music marketing, Lana shines because she is coherent, combining efficient communication and a lot of work.

The main thing today is to create a good narrative around you. It’s about storytelling. For example, there is no combination of Lana being caught at a club every weekend.

The priority strategy is to align all communication with the musical — explains Manuela, adding that one of the strengths of the singer born in New York City is to always seek to renew her audience. — She has a mainly adolescent communication, with all those feelings, with the melancholy, that we experience in this young phase of life.

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