Brazilian influencer who reported gang rape in India, see the article.

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Fernanda travels the world with her husband on motorbikes. The couple was attacked by a group of men while traveling across the Asian continent.

Influencer Fernanda Santos  reported being the victim of gang rape during a trip  to India with her husband. Born in  Goiânia , the influencer used social media, where she posts her motorcycle adventures and passions, to talk about violence. See below who the influencer is .

“My face looks like this, but it’s not what hurts the most. We thought we were going to die. Thank God we are alive”, said the victim.

Before: The  crime happened last Friday (1st), in the Dumka district . According to the Brazilian embassy in New Delhi, three of the seven suspects have already been identified and are under arrest. Their names were not released.

Fernanda Santos and her husband were attacked during a trip to India – Goiás — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Who is the influencer

On social media, Fernanda has her own profile and another with her husband, Spanish Vicente Barbera. Together for ten years, the couple travels the world on motorbikes and shares their adventures with more than 177 thousand followers.

“Around the world on a motorcycle”, they describe. Always on two wheels, Fernanda and Vicente share photos and videos of the natural, cultural and gastronomic beauties of the more than 65 countries they have visited.

Very smiling and happy, Fernanda still shows the routine of these trips on social media and videos playing, dancing and kissing her husband. In addition, instructions for maintenance on the motorcycle and the routes they take.

In the latest publications, the couple shows that they were traveling across the Asian continent. According to local press reports, they were heading to Nepal, decided to camp in the region and, during the night, were attacked.

In a statement, the Brazilian embassy stated that it “will remain available to provide all appropriate assistance and monitor all developments in the case, in close coordination with the Spanish and Indian authorities.”

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