Biden, ad is the first in a six-week, $30 million advertising spree.

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Biden mocks himself about his age.

In a new ad for his presidential election campaign, US President Joe Biden looks directly into the camera and immediately addresses the elephant in the room: the topic is his age.

“Look, I’m not a young guy, that’s no secret,” says the 81-year-old. “But here’s the thing: I understand how to get things done for the American people.”

The ad is the first in a six-week, $30 million advertising spree by the Biden campaign ahead of the November election. The president’s age has become a major topic of discussion – even more so than that of the Republican leader, former President Donald Trump, who is 77 years old. In 2021, Biden was the oldest president to take office – breaking the record set by Trump before him.

Biden, about his health record.

In addition to addressing his age, Biden in the rest of the ad touts his record on health, the economy, infrastructure, climate change and abortion rights.

The President says he led the country through the COVID crisis (the pandemic began under Trump’s presidency and the first vaccine was approved for emergency use in December 2020, after Biden’s election but before his inauguration).

Biden proclaims that the US has the strongest economy in the world (it held first place from 1960 to 2023, according to Forbes). He points out that he signed a law that includes provisions to reduce prescription drug prices and cap insulin prices for seniors with diabetes (that is, for patients on Medicare; some pharmaceutical companies have also followed suit).

He adds that during his presidency, Congress approved an important infrastructure bill after Trump failed to do so, and also mentions the approval of the “largest law in history to combat climate change”.

Finally, Biden accuses Trump of taking away “women’s freedom of choice”. It was the US Supreme Court, which includes three Trump-appointed conservative justices, that did this in 2022 by overturning the previous Roe v decision. Trump took credit in 2023, saying on his social media platform, Truth Social: “I managed to kill Roe v.” Biden in his announcement says, “I am determined to make Roe v. Wade Wade the law of the land again.”

Biden, what is the President’s job?

“Donald Trump believes the president’s job is to take care of Donald Trump. I believe the president’s job is to fight for you, the American people, and that’s what I’m doing,” Biden continues.

Biden also ends the ad by mocking his age. In one scene, he laughs: “Look, I’m very young, energetic and handsome. Why the hell am I doing this?

The Trump campaign has released its own ads, with one in April 2023 painting a frightening picture of immigration, wars, violent crime, inflation and more under “Joe Biden’s America.”

“Put America, the middle class, first, and put the globalists, the elitists and the corrupt in their place. Bring back the pride of the American dream, so the world knows – don’t mess with us,” the Trump campaign ad read. “Make America great for us again.”

Another pro-Trump ad this week, released by the super PAC MAGA Inc. that supports him, questions Biden’s age and capabilities, asking whether the President can “survive until 2029.” A spokesman for the Biden campaign, Ammar Moussa, told NBC News in a statement that the ad was “a sick and disturbing stunt by a bankrupt and struggling campaign.”


Source: Time Magazine

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