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An unprecedented photo of William with his children was taken by Kate and published to celebrate Father’s Day.

The commemorative date takes place today in the United Kingdom and in several countries around the world.

An   unprecedented  photo of Prince William  with his three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, was shared this Sunday, on social media, in celebration of  Father’s Day . The image of the children hugging their father was taken by Princess  Kate Middleton , on a beach in Norfolk, England, last month .

The mother’s achievement was revealed on Kensington Palace ‘s Instagram account  , with a caption written by the three young royals. “We love you, daddy. Happy Father’s Day. G, C & L.”, says the publication. It is the first time that a message from children has been published on the Palace’s social networks.

William also paid tribute to his father, King Charles, with a memoir of his childhood , taken 40 years ago. The photo shows the prince as a young man , playing football with his father on June 12, 1984. “Happy Father’s Day, dad,” said the post, personally signed by the heir to the throne.

King Charles also posted a Father’s Day message in honor of Prince Philip. A video montage, made more than 70 years ago, shows memories of the king with his father. The images were posted on the Royal Family’s official Twitter account.

In the caption, the king left a message for people who can no longer celebrate the date with their relatives. “Wishing all the dads, and those who may be missing their dads today, a relaxing Father’s Day.”

Kate’s Return

Princess Kate Middleton made her first public appearance of the year this Saturday, during the Trooping the Color military parade in celebration of the solemn birthday of the Sovereign, King Charles III. First, she arrived at Buckingham Palace by car with her children and her husband, Prince William. Then, as expected, Kate was seen in a carriage as part of the royal procession. Finally , she appeared on the palace balcony alongside the Royal Family. At 42, the future Queen of the United Kingdom faced months of speculation surrounding her sudden disappearance, and in early March she revealed that she has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy treatment for cancer .

Charles and Queen Camilla left the palace in a Scottish carriage and embarked towards Horse Guards Parade. Dressed in full military attire, the royal received a royal salute from the military while the loudspeakers played God Save the King, the British national anthem. He then exited the vehicle and took his position at the salute base to witness the remainder of the parade. Its eldest son and heir, Prince William, 41, paraded on horseback, also in military uniform. The celebration ended with the king alongside his family on the palace balcony to witness a Royal Air Force flyover.

Kate had announced this Friday that she planned to attend the event. The broadcast of her presence in honor of the British royal was made in a post on social media. In it, the Princess of Wales said that she has made “good progress”, although she also highlighted that, “ as anyone who has undergone chemotherapy knows, there are good days and bad days”. “On bad days, you feel weak, tired and have to give in to your body and breathe . But on good days, when you feel more powerful , you want to make the most of your well-being,” she said, adding that she still faces “a few more months” of treatment.

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