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Alcaraz beats Zverev 3-2 and wins the unprecedented Roland Garros title.

Carlos alcatraz won the unprecedented Roland Garros title this Sunday.

Carlos Alcaraz, current number 3 in the world, won the unprecedented Roland Garros title this Sunday

He is currently number 3 in the world, in his first final on clay in Paris, winning an epic battle against German Alexander Zverev by 3 sets to 2, with partials of 6/3, 2/6, 5/7, 6/ 1 and 6/2, at 4:19. The achievement is the 21-year-old Spaniard’s third in Grand Slam tournaments, adding to the trophies at the US Open in 2022 and Wimbledon in 2023.

His career in the French Open will take the Spaniard to second place in the world rankings, overtaking Serbian Novak Djokovic, who lost his position as number 1 in the world to Italian Jannik Sinner when he abandoned the tournament because of an injury to his right knee.

The clash between Alcaraz and Zverev for the title of the second Grand Slam of the year confirmed an announced passing of the guard in tennis: the decision was the first in the tournament without Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic since 2004. In the last 19 editions, at least one representative of the “Big 3” was present at the final.

The confrontation between the third and fourth best tennis players in the world started with nerves on edge. Zverev opened the game by committing two double faults and lost his first service game, but Alcaraz also hesitated afterwards and gave up the break to the German. After the initial tension passed, the Spaniard found himself on the court and, varying his moves a lot, did not allow his rival to enter the game.

He reached the second break in the fifth game, opened 4/2 and threatened Zverev’s serve again in the seventh game, but the German managed to hold on. More aggressive, Alcaraz broke his rival’s serve for the third time to close the partial at 6/3.

Zverev returned to the court for the second set with a different attitude and put pressure on Alcaraz’s serve in the first game, reaching three break chances, but the Spaniard saved himself thanks to good first serves. In the fifth game, Zverev’s more aggressive attitude resulted in a break of serve, and then the German served well to take a 4/2 lead.

Definitely in the game and with his right shots up to date, Zverev broke Alcaraz again in the seventh game and opened 5/2, confirming his serve with ease in the sequence to close the set at 6/2.

Balance between Alcaraz and Zverev in the third set

The balance expected for the confrontation finally appeared in the third set, with the two tennis players taking turns in control of the actions. The partial remained unbroken until the sixth game, when Alcaraz took advantage of the first of three break points to open 4/2. Zverev reacted quickly and almost got change in the next game, but the Spaniard held on to make it 5/2.

The German continued to press and in the ninth game he managed to break, serving afterwards to tie the duel at 5/5. Two unforced errors followed by Alcaraz gave Zverev another break and the German served to make it 7/5 in a game that lasted no less than 16 minutes.

Despite the impressive reaction, Zverev hesitantly returned to the fourth set and, unfocused, just watched Alcaraz break his serve twice, taking a 4/0 lead. The Spaniard, however, also proved inconstant and conceded the break in the fifth game, allowing his rival to return to the match.

Carlitos needed medical attention and had his left thigh bandaged, but he returned without showing signs of limitation and broke Zverev’s serve, opening 5/1. The Spaniard saved two break points to seal the 6/1 victory and take the title decision to the fifth set.

The fifth and final part repeated the alternation of previous sets and the game took on a dramatic turn, with victory could go either way. Alcaraz reached the break of serve in the third game, but almost lost his payback afterwards – in the race, he managed to confirm his serve and open 3/1 against a tireless Zverev.

The Spaniard sweated once again to maintain his serve and make it 4/2 in a game lasting almost eight minutes. He gained morale and, with a ball on the line, broke his rival’s serve to reach 5/2 and be one game away from the title. With the serve in hand and pushed by the crowd, Alcaraz was aggressive and confirmed the victory by 6/2, sealing the victory.

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