After escapes and with full police stations, Buenos Aires will place detainees in containers.


Temporary detention capacity in the Argentine capital will be expanded by 300 places.

To resolve the overcrowding of police stations and transitional detention centers, the city of Buenos Aires will begin housing detainees in containers.

This will allow it to expand its capacity and improve conditions for detainees.

The mayor of  Buenos Aires , Jorge Macri, announced this Friday (3) that measures will be taken after four prisoner escapes in security establishments in April alone.

The mayor of the city of Buenos Aires reported that modules were built to provide inmates with a break before being transferred to the penitentiary system. He called the initiative “structural improvements.”

A total of 19 containers will be installed within the boundaries of three police stations, surrounded by existing walls and fences, expanding the city’s temporary detention capacity by 300 places. This offers a safe and practical option for temporarily housing inmates, helping to resolve overcrowding issues and ensure public safety.

During a conference with the minister of security, Patricia Bullrich, and Javier Milei, former president Macri stated that he inherited the overcrowding of police stations and detention centers from the previous government. He pointed out that the number of prisoners has increased drastically in the city, going from 60 in 2020 to more than 2000 in just four years.

The number of inmates far exceeds the available capacity.

Of understanding the city council, the number of inmates far exceeds the available capacity and 20% of prisoners, who have already been convicted, should be in federal penitentiaries.

President Macri guaranteed that there will be no relaxation in the fight against rape in Buenos Aires, and attributed the overcrowding of prisons to a “more operative police”. In agreement with the city hall, wall 80 people are detained every day in the capital.

With the aim of alleviating the overload of the system, the mayor announced that he will provide two thousand electronic ankle bracelet devices to allow prisoners considered less dangerous to satisfy house arrest.

President Macri announced that he will intensify the deportation of “illegal foreigners”, including 340 detainees who are not Argentine citizens and some who have already been convicted. According to him, it makes no sense to spend resources on foreigners who come to the country to commit crimes.

According to the city council , the next 90 days will be used to incorporate the three measures – modules, electronic ankle monitors and deportations – with the aim of freeing up the wall 600 vacancies in police stations and transitional detention centers.

The proclamation was made after four escapes from security establishments were recorded in April alone. Since the beginning of the year, 19 prisoners have escaped from police stations and transitional prison centers. In 2023, the total number of fugitives reached 41.

Credit: Government of the City of Buenos Aires